Hive-Engine Weekly Developers Meeting: ERC20s, NFT creation, Dswap upgrades, Mobiles app!

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Hey everyone. It's been a fantastic week and there's tons of development happening on Hive-Engine right now.

@donchate is completing the code and getting it ready for review for Diesel Pool rewards. After that he'll start on the DAO and make it so each token ecosystem can figure out how their inflation will work.

@eonwarped is making progress on getting smart contract SMTs live. We're still shooting for the end of the month.

@cryptomancer had a nice breakthrough and has gotten ERC20s working on the backend. You'll be able to add your ERC20 token to Hive-Engine at the click of a button soon (with a fee).

We're looking into bridging our tokens next. So, getting Hive Engine tokens wrapped on Ethereum is a high priority. We also want to port our NFTs over to wax.

@reazuliqbal is making NFT creation go live on There's a 100 BEE fee to register. Then there's a 10 HIVE cost per first NFT and a 2 Hive cost for each additional edition. But using this you'll be able to mint practically any token you want. The whitelisting is automatic, but if you author NFTs that incite violence, use material that you don't have consent for, or involve children in sexual situations then you'll have your whitelist revoked and we'll hide your tokens on our front end.

NSFW NFTs are welcome, just make sure you tag them as NSFW.

@lion200 has enabled deposits of cryptos onto Now with one transaction you can move from crypto, to swap.crypto, to swap.hive to hive-engine token. So, using can save you time. There's no additional fee just for using It's a free service though you still have to pay the deposit/withdrawal fees of hive-engine.

@bait002 is rolling out the mobile site. We're expecting to have these submitted to app stores this week. You'll be able to trade tokens and move them around from your mobile phone as soon as the tech conglomerates approve our apps.

If you'd like to listen in please find our discussion here:


You guys have got the ERC-20 to HIVE bridge done up for Ethereum to HIVE eh?

That is exciting. The Hive.Loans project will soon be launching our own decentralized EVM side-chain that will allow for HIVE to be used for the gas fees on that chain. Hopefully if all goes well HIVE will be 100% able to run any code that ethereum can via the Hive.Loans EVM side-chain. Hopefully HE considers supporting future HL ERC-20's :D

The Hive.Loans site itself won't support HE tokens BUT I'll be releasing the code to allow people to fork it and run a Hive.Loans instance/node with their HE tokens simply out of wanting to be inclusive of all tokens on the ecosystem. A similar thing will be done for SMTs as well as HL ERC-20's when the time comes to support them.

Exciting stuff going on in our ecosystem. This might be the year we get into top 10 on coinmarketcap if everything goes well and I'm stoked to see the progress and evolution of the utility of HIVE. Pat your devs on the back!

Always good to receive updates, thanks.

the amount of updates/work you guys are doing is just mind blowing! Great job!

Sorry to see the video was almost entirely broken because we couldn't hear @aggroed after the first couple minutes... I do enjoy hearing these weekly meetings. But the text of this post does help fill in

Awesome work you are doing, Any news on getting swap.waxp now that splinterlands is on wax?

Good Job! 1.jpg

Was wondering if Tribaldex will support adding Tokens and / or NFTs to a newly to be issued NFT. (Meaning for an NFT created by an account, not the payed for NFT issue service.)

Looking forward to checking out the mobile version of hive-engine

Why would you put Hive-Engine on the app store where apple and google will take 30%?