Hive-Engine Update - Coming back online!

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TL;DR Hive-Engine replays worked. Sites and trading to be back online over the next several hours.

Ok, so yesterday there was a hardfork. As with every hardfork I've been a part of this one didn't go perfectly. There were delays because a last minute bug was found, more witnesses piled into the new hardfork code anyway. There was a conflict on a comment, and before the correct hardfork there was a fork that split the chain.

So, after a little while watching it the call was made to just hardfork to 24, which happened smoothly.

During this time hive-engine got a little borked. A transaction tried to enter the hive-engine blocks twice and it stopped the layer 2 chain.

Ok, so we talked for a bit about what to do, and decided to trim blocks back until well before the fork, and then replay the blocks after the smaller fork was entirely abandoned by the witnesses.

That was last night. Tonight we found that the main node replay has worked, and the account history replay is working too, but it's a little slower so still has a few hours left to chug through.

We're bringing and back online. We're also bringing deposits and withdrawals back. If you've done a deposit or withdrawal please wait a few hours from this post before getting cranky about it. If you don't receive what you're expecting kindly put in a support ticket tomorrow. and will both be coming back online shortly as well.

Lastly, we've added some backups. These were in progress, but weren't completely ready by the fork. They're replaying now too. They weren't necessary here, but better safe than sorry.

In case you missed it

We're going down the path of decentralizing Hive-Engine again. We started this a while back, it stalled, and now we're back on it. To get it going we need to move our people around to work on it, but also want to keep business logic smart contract development going as well. If you can write java script, love hive, and want to see more projects form here and use off the shelf, no-code, smart contracts to make amazing projects then please come meet us in roughly 24 hours here: (it's at 9pm eastern on 10/16/2020)

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience, hardforks are messy, but it looks like we dodged the really bad outcomes and will be back up entirely within several hours.

If this matters to you kindly send some love to the hive-engine devs who worked tirelessly to get this baby going after chain issues brought her down.


Thanks for your great efforts to bring back hive-engine.

A !BEER so that they continue working for the good of the page.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Hope everyone who use hive-engine understand.
Great job everyone
gladly put HF24 behind us

Shit hiccups happen. Addressing them as quickly as possible is part of the juggle of the IT world, can be difficult if it's one guy trying to stay on top of a stack of upgrades at times for sure.

Lots Love to Hive-engine devs ❤❤❤

Thanks for the hard work! It is very much appreciated :)

Thank you so much for the hardwork ❤️

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Thanks aggy! 😍

Thanks for all the hard work!
I hope everything is back online now, so we all can sit back and enjoy the fruit of all that labor ;-)