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We're at the end of the year and wanted to post an update about what we're planning on doing for next year. Cryptomancer and I gave talks at Hive Fest about what we're doing and why we're doing it.

So you can use those as back drops to understanding the plan that's in play here.

Cryptomancer -

Two weeks vacation
Finish up "agent" addition to the NFT market contract. This allows other markets to form to sell NFTs and take a cut of a sale.
Ethereum integration - get ETH, ERC20s, and HE tokens on Ethereum. Should take most of January and February
Uniswap - Should take us through March to make a Uniswap like function on Hive-Engine
Q2 - start work on P2P

Lion200 - finish up work on dswap alpha, and then expand dswap from HE token trading to HE token to allowing supported cryptos to be exchanged easily as well.

Bait - waiting on approval from Android for our Beechatter application. Started working on Hive-Engine mobile for android. Should be able to submit in January. Will go back and work on apple versions.

Reaz - Finishing up NFTshowroom requirements like IPFS image hosting, then moving on to completely rebuilding

Core Functions
mint and trade FTs, deposit and withdraw
mint and trade NFTs, make sure market fees go to the right token creators minus an agent fee
list NFTs for sale in a shop easily - start with fiverr like gigs
Easy forms for smart contract creation
opt in KYC

Reaz is pretty quick, but this is a very large project, I'm assuming the rebuild will take a few months of work. In the end though we'll have our most robust website yet.

There are a few others working on contracts - bid market, auction market, and some governance functions. Those are likely to go into January as well.


The plan is to build some more core business logic contracts and key features, get all the features we've built live and on the site in an easy and intuitive way, and then facilitate commerce to the best of our ability.

As a user you should be able to launch a business with little more than a few clicks, some detailed configurations, a couple thousand bee (a few hundred bucks), some art, and a URL. If this goes according to plan it should be easier to setup shop here and have a crypto based business than anywhere else on the planet.


Excellent to hear markets places are being honed in on, many will enjoy marketing with the ease of using crypto currencies.

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Any advancement on the steem-engine problems?

Something is strange with the engine at the moment ?
No more rewards shown to claim ?
!BEER ???

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Nice presentation @aggroed.

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