Hive-Engine Progress: Deploying a P2P Testnet this week!

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I'm really excited to announce that we've completed our initial run of an internal test net for a P2P network for Hive-Engine and we're ready to start publicly testing it.

Additional details will follow in a technical post by @eonwarped. Many thanks to him for taking code originally worked out by @harpagon and tweaked to fix a handful of bugs.

This has been a long journey to get here, and it's been very challenging to pull this together on a shoe string budget. That said, we're getting ready to roll out some new websites and features that can really take hive-engine to the next level, and decentralizing the node infrastructure is a key piece of that.


Hive-Engine is a smart contract platform with a goal of making it easy to form blockchain buisnesses. It's a Layer 2 application that runs on top of the Hive-blockchain. Our primary focus has been smart contract development and new front end services.

There have been multiple attempts to pull the decentralization of Hive-Engine together, but up until now there's been bugs, delays, and various other problems.

To date, we've been running the software upgrade for several weeks and have over 200k blocks with matched hashes. This proves the backup chain has the same hashes. Eonwarped has more details coming as to what previously caused the descrepency and how he was able to fix it.

We've been running a 3-node internal testnet that compares data from the primary and witness nodes using the mainnet transactions and we're seeing the P2P system is functioning. Hashes are compared and matched. Rewards are being distributed through the witness contract. She's workin'!

Next plan

Eon will be putting together technical details for anyone to run a hive-engine witness and begin hive-engine block production. There is a pool of BEE available to witnesses as a payment for running the infrastructure. The post should describing this will be out this coming week.

The first step will be taking another database snapshot. We'll be down for maintenance for an hour or so on Monday January 18th at 8pm, and then we'll launch the public testnet using the snapshot we just took.

I want to run a witness!

If you're looking forward to running a Hive-Engine witness simply wait a few more days and more detail will be coming. There's a pool of BEE to be mined and it's going to the witnesses. Instructions will be available soon.

General Roadmap

Cryptomancer - Get Eth/ERC20/Wrapped.HET tokens on Eth. Jan-Feb.
Eonwarped- Establish P2P network Jan-Feb. Make scotbot equivalent a Hive-Engine smart contract.
Bait002- Create a mobile app. Release Beechatter as an iOS app.
Donchate- Create feeless Uniswap style pools on Hive-Engine.
Lion200- Upgrade dswap to allow crypto to crypto trades and then support uniswap pools.
Reaz- Upgrade to be a helpfull portal for creating, buying, and selling tokens and improving token functionality with easy smart contract implementation.


Thank you for the constant work you put into hive. You deserve to be a top20 witnesses and with the work you do people will realize that.

What benefits will the P2P feature bring to the Hive blockchain?

What will happen to the WORKERBEES if "There's a pool of BEE to be mined and it's going to the witnesses."

Peer to peer transactions are a fantastic feature the chain was lacking. This opens the door to micro transactions and saving fees in the most friendly environment which is the Hive Ecosystem. Way to go.

This is excellent

Nice. I can't believe how important the Hive-Engine project is for the Hive blockchain. All the dApps would be nothing w/o HE.

Amazing Work!.jpg

Sounds good!

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i am always excited when i see work and updates!

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holy shit, last weeks there are so many awesome things going on hive. Nice time to be here.

Nice work!

Wow, Keep it up.
I just checked and interface is better than engine. I hope team ill also work towards it;s user friendliness as well.

Decentralizing the engine is a great deal. Great.

Hive engine witness.. Any sneek peek? what it require? voting or bees?

This is great news.

I'm ready and waiting to run a Hive_Engine witness.

The integrity of Hive-Engine is very important to me because @jpbliberty's #cryptoclassaction SUFB token is on Hive engine.

I'm planning to run a Hive-Engine witness using my own API node to ensure full independence.

Excellent news. Having HE go more decentralised is a good more and increases confidence in HE as a dApp platform.

what will be the system requirements to run a witness for it ? can i run it on a nas or should i need a server with more cpu power ?

This is wonderful! I'm always proud to be a Hiver.

Great news to hear about Hive engine
is making stride in good time


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Super pumped about this! Will be looking to run a HE witness for sure, considering my businesses rely on it, lol. I am also planning on starting a Hive witness at some point in the future as well, but want to be one of the first HE witnesses!