hive-engine nodes are replaying

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The hardfork didn't go exactly as planned. That's because along with the planned fork to 24 there was a mini fork on 23 about an hour or so before the 24 fork.

As the hardfork delay occurred there was a mix of 23s and 24s running at the same time. There appears to be a block that 24 nodes and 23 nodes didn't agree on and thus a fork happened as a block was rejected by some of the nodes. I haven't seen anyone clearly state why the block was rejected.

It seems that at a later point in what hive-engine recorded there were transactions from the fork that were later merged back into the chain a second time. This is obviously not supposed to happen and the node stopped.

To solve this we have to replay the core hive-engine node and replay the account history node. This should resolve all the problems and ignore the unintended forking.

The good news is that the core node had a snapshot taken 6 days ago. So, that one shouldn't be too bad. We're estimating 22 hours for the replay there.

We're working to figure out the account history side of things. We don't have a working snapshot. We're currently attempting to trim blocks back from the block data we have and we'll start replaying from a few hours before the mini fork. We think this should work, but we'll find out later today.

The and sites are in maintenance mode. Deposits/withdrawals that are put on chain now will be stored for the moment, and then sent out at a later time when the main node catches up.

To recap the main node should be back in 24 hours. If the account history block trimming works that should be done sooner. If it doesn't work we'll update as we know more.

Please hold off on any support tickets requests until a day or two have gone by. At that point we'll know whether your transactions were simply delayed or there are problems.


We are in a wait and see
moment right now.
If you have been around
you know the drill.
Live long Hive!

Yes. We are pretty familiar with this drill 😆

Witnesses didn't learn their lesson yet about doing multiple forks in a row without testing both at once?

Ouch! Get well soon Hive Engine

Yeah I was expecting some sort of new rewards with the hard-fork.

Sólo toca esperar.

Mucha paciencia.

I am seeing my old DEC pending buy orders :D Get well soon

yep! thanks for updating

I noticed some glitches including missing cards in Rising Star. Will just have to wait for things to catch up. Hope everything else is working. Keep up the good work.

Same with me, also missing LEO tokens, I bought yesterday, and some other tokens.

Hive Engine had to re-process some transactions

I think, it has started to get on track, but you are right, it will take some time to come to full flash accurate processing.