Hive-Engine decentralization update! Upgrade successful, P2P testnet started

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Ok, so, the hive-engine node update was last night rather than tonight. International time zones are tricky. Anyway, good news is that the upgrade is done and the snapshot has been taken. This freaking thing has been years in the making and now it's finally operating! Production is running the the latest version of the hive-engine node software. We're running that for 2 weeks. Assuming it's all good we'll go live with the witness contract, block monitoring, and the P2P network. So somewhere around the first week of February if all is well we'll be completely live with the P2P system. At that time we'll need one more node upgrade and 1 contract deployment. Then we're good to go!

There's currently 9 witnesses operating Hive-Engine nodes! I imagine more will continue to open up as this progresses. If you have questions or would like a node or get more involved please contact @eonwarped in

Massive amounts of gratitude to Eon for taking this on. He updated harpagon's work so, we thank him for having made that base. Lastly, the review and operation has fallen on cryptomancer, so kudos to him as well.

This is a team effort and we're almost at version 2.0 of layer 2.0. Pretty exciting stuff! Thanks for sticking with us and we're looking forward to making it easier, safer and better to build your blockchain business on Hive and Hive-Engine.

 last month 

Here are the live updates we got.


Great work!

My witness #10 ( is already running and signing blocks :)


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Well, thanks to the work little by little the community is improving

Really glad to be one of the first witnesses for Hive Engine! It was an awesome learning experience getting it all set up and running!


you did a very good job ..
hive blockchain is really cool ..
thank you
greeting from
indonesian hivers

Congrats animado.gif

Good job. Congrats! 👏 👏 😎

Thanks a lot, Greetings from Italy

Me encanta este tipo de iniciativas donde uno se demora bastante en explorar, conocer y entender todo el ecosistema HIVE y estoy muy impresionado. Gracias

Discord link is broken mainly because that's not the domain anymore. Just a FYI :)

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Slightly off-topic, @aggroed, but what happened to the claim-function for tribe-tokens like STEM? Are the rewards accumulated in the background? Why they can´t be claimed since quite a while? Sorry, if I just missed something.

The rewards are now automatically sent to account after 23 hrs. So no need to claim them individually.

@aggroed Congratulations let's move on! count on my support in your good projects ... Greetings.

cool stuff.

Apologies for my ignorance, but does this mean decentralisation? I'm thinking yes. If so, freakin' awesome!

Always impressed with Eon's drive! I wonder if he ever sleeps! 😆

Thanks 🙏🏾 keep doing amazing things!

good to know

How does this address the issue with only one set of keys for honeyswap? You previously stated that the last "hack" wouldn't have been possible under this new system but this doesn't address the KEY concern. So the balances in HE are more robust to changing, but the collateral that holds the system up is still... soft.