FarmFarmer is going a little nutz right now...

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So, the game is new and the volume is low, but this is an incredible start. It's been about a week. Currently the value of what players have mined is just shy of $6000. it's been a week people...


The Cattle Rancher currently has the the best ratio of price to power that's still available to purchase.

Go visit to play and see how it all works.


Did not know I had to delegate them to myself. Now I feel stupid...

Ok, I got three more cattle ranchers. I guess I'm hooked. :)

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I have 2 cattle ranchers and 1 lumberjacks this time.

Not that much but maybe a good starter. ( I hope)

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How much miningpower is it when all cards are sold?
I want to calculate My own percent and in that way My chance


*Edit: Now it should be correct


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Where did you found this?

It's only a small excel sheet made by myself. Hopefully that's all right.

Hello, it has been more than 24 hours since I made a purchase of 5 Cattle Ranchers, but so far I have not received them, when should this process take? I hope you can help me 🙏

I bought two cattle rancher and I haven't received anything? is there a problem?