A ton of things happening for Hive-Engine- Alpha for Dswap? Governance goes live? New game? Packs coming to HE?

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Ok, well, not sure of what's going to go live this week, but there's a lot of stuff happening all at once that should make you take note! Most of this is targeted for this week, but because there's so many things happening parts may be pushed a week. We'll see, but this is one of the biggest drops of new stuff to go live we've had in a single week ever!

  1. Last week a new airdrop tool went live. This week we should see a claim drop go live as well. It's a contract that allows you to setup a token in a smart contract that people can claim with a payment where the creator gets to set a price for the claim. If you do a very small payment it's basically an airdrop where you filter out the people who didn't care or pay attention. With larger payments it can function as a pretty basic ICO. With good design you can setup a claimdrop to go out to all Hive-Users, but also ensure that if they all go for the plan there's not enough for everyone! How's that for FOMO!!!

We also got a payment contract out the door. So you can setup a contract that receives funds and automatically disburses them to a preset list of accounts/contracts in preset percentages. It's handy if you're disbursing to the same group of people a lot in constant or semi-constant payments.

  1. We got some starting trades working on Dswap. It isn't public facing yet, but I think it will be soon. My last post is about it. You'll be able to swap currencies all in one go on Dswap. Should make life easy especially for apps that want to come here, but don't want to deal with accepting all the different currency types. We'll start with HE token to HE tokens, but shortly thereafter we'll open it up to allowing crypto --> HE token --> swap.hive --> HE token --> crypto. Should be fun!

  2. Our first crack at governance was written and reviewed. It's likely to go live this week. We're seeing the first implementation of smart contract governance on Hive-Engine in the Farm Farmer game. Dcity is really the one that pioneered it on Hive (Thanks Gerber), but farmfarmer and the Hive-Engine team are putting the smart contract version on the chain as a historic first. We stand on the shoulders of giants and are stoked by how many projects are already here and how many governance can unlock.

  3. I'm gearing up to get another game launched next week. They're pretty speedy to create now as the both the front end and back end are reusable by us. We're not just going to clone farmfarmer. That's dumb. We're going to make new games with new rules with different levels of complexity. We'll keep accepting various community tokens including $FARM as payment and it should help the entire ecosystem grow!

So far Farmfarmer has awarded 670 $FARM tokens and 196 $FARMGOV tokens. Amazingly players are keeping the price of farm high. It's at $5.40 per token. Meaning that players have earned tokens with a current market value of $3,723.30 ($FARM) and $437.08 ($FARMGOV). This game started a week ago. That's pretty remarkable!

At the rate of inflation and current prices players (collectively, not individually) will earn back what they spent on the game in a month! A MONTH! Unreal! There's still some nice cards out there for sale. Keep in mind markets are extremely thin so they'll be extremely volatile. Past performance doesn't necessarily have anything to do with future performance.


  1. The biggest game changer I've saved for last. Cryptomancer is finishing up the pack manager contract. This allows users of Hive-Engine to create a pack token that unlocks NFTs (similar to how an UNTAMED pack opens up Splinterlands UNTAMED cards). Combining the pack manager with collections of NFTs like sports stars, celebrities, and fictional characters unlocks massive potential for drop-in creation of collectibles. THIS IS HUGE!

Anyway, should be a fun week, and I'll follow up as different parts drop!


Seems i got back into hive at a great time, awesome price to buy and more decelopment progress, thanks for the info as usual great post

That's a hasty post, looking forward to the follow-ups. Always a pleasure to read Hive-Engine development updates. Wish you all the best :))

Looks like things are going in the right direction. Congratulations!

So much going on right now!
Looking forward to the next game, the art is looking awesome!

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That's big, you have captured the universe in a teeny tiny crystal, HIVE ENGINE.

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WOW so many updates!! Loving the tokens to unlock NFTs of course! :P

dSwap will really help with pack sales in Rising Star too as a lot of people want an easy option.

Congratulations to everyone involved. HIVE ENGING ROCKS! \m/


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I hope with the upcoming game the dev team can be a bit more thoughtful on the balance of the economics, and more importantly, how to create more enduring value by further integrating the tokens with other platforms. Something like dCity should be an inspiration as they find ways to integrate tokens external to the game in order to provide greater overall value to the platform as a whole.

Can I use the Claim drop tool to distribute for-instance 1 million LASSECASH POWER to all active LASSECASH tribe members (= more then 100 LASSECASH POWER) ?