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RE: December Homeschool Miscellany

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@ryivhnn - December and January is a mixed bag for us most years. We had some great times with family, but we had some trying times as well.

I glad that you were able to learn while not in the classroom. It looks like you have some great outside learning opportunities. It is a little too cold for us to take out the classroom outside.

Thanks for sharing so many photos. It helps brings your adventures to life.



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I feel like they might be for people in general. Great times and trying times are what makes up the stories though right ;D

We're pretty lucky in our area for sure, not far from a really big regional park with a lot of walking trails, and on a train line to the city, and there are also historical things in our immediate area.

Completely understandable about bunkering down in winter, we do the same thing and it doesn't get that cold where we are XD and also in summer unless we can get to where we're going in a short space of time or are going morning or evening as heat stroke is a problem in summer.

Glad you enjoyed the photos, I was actually wondering if there might be too many photos and not enough text in this one :D