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Hello friends,

Here today with a testament to letting kids show you what to do.


My Way or the Highway

One of the fun things as a parent is getting to see your kids grow and progress. One of the things my husband @cmplxty and I have really seen come out in our son is his idea of what he wants to do to learn. If the activity is learning letters, shapes, colors or anything else of that various things we are teaching him, one thing is for certain he learns his way. That he gets too much from me lol 🤦‍♀️

We absolutely love his creativity and although some say that watching television is bad, we have really seen a lot come out from him when we let him watch shows that are educational and good for him instead of just cartoons and wasteful shows. He has been really into watching shows where they build things and YouTube families that do lots of home projects and outdoors things. He’s got such a vivid imagination even though he’s stuck in the small condo that we have, he brings himself to worlds that he’s never been to. This example is no different! He is always watching construction shows and there’s lots of trucks, trailers and equipment all over the place. Here he is improvising with a trailer, our laundry basket, and some makeshift ramps. When the hubby and him go to the hardware store no joke his request is to buy him wood. We are more than happy to oblige that request lol. Pretty cheap and it ends up getting used on some nice DIY projects later in the future. You can also see that he’s got the trailer attached to his truck, the TV dinner table, by way of the exercise resistance bands that were supposed to be for the hubby and I to exercise with lol. Good sacrifice I guess! 🤣 I don’t know what the show is on TV but it looks like the norm, some kind of building situation going on.


He’s hauling some kind of stuff here. I think what he was watching was one of the more recent shows where this family documents their building of different fish enclosures for people who live in Florida and own lots of different aquatic things. Pretty cool in some of the episodes! Not going to lie I watched three of them with him lol.


When we use these methods that he enjoys and comes to him naturally he does a lot better with learning. We started doing letters with food and he’s learning them a lot better than just looking at them in a book. We have been doing different animals with him outside where his interests lie, different trees, rocks, colors and lots of other things but the point is I don’t think we will, nor want to at this point, be able to send him to a conventional school where they are forced to sit down in a classroom and just focus on memorization of things they talk about in a predetermined schedule. Children don’t learn that way very often and we have to be able to adapt to that and get to where they are instead of forcing them to conform to us. He may not learn certain things at the same time as other kids but I guarantee a lot of the other kids can’t name the construction vehicles he can, the tools he can and the animals he can but that’s the beauty of kids. Each has their own innate learning styles!

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Love you scribbled out his face. We don't have kids so it's much easier to see how comfortable kids are in front of the camera—they've had one in their face since birth.

Recipe for disaster. Wish I saw scribbled faces on kids more often.

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to log on here! Life gets in the way sometimes, though this one isn’t so bad since our business has taken off a lot!

The scribbling out is more the husbands work but I don’t fuss about it, we each have our own things we spend time caring about. Thanks for checking it out! :)

Thanks man, my wife doesn't get to post much so she will come back when she can and respond!

We occasionally post pictures on Fakebook for family and stuff but for the most part we keep him off the internet. I completely agree that having kids faces hidden is important. We need to treasure their privacy and I don’t want to ruin that for them by sharing their picture and all kinds of other stuff all over the internet. There is one YouTube family that we watch that still doesn’t show their sons face and I love it. YouTube forced the parents to show their faces which sucks but let the kids be kids and have some type of anonymity. We have toyed around with the idea of creating a channel for the things we do with him but my truest principle I will hold is to not show his face until he is much older if ever. Still haven’t done any of it but it’s something we have been chewing on.


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Kids are naturally creative and imaginative as I have also witnessed. It's up to us parents to guide them and nurture these traits. They learn more when they enjoy what they do. He'll surely be thankful you let him explore this way. <3


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I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to log on here! Life gets in the way sometimes, though this one isn’t so bad since our business has taken off a lot!

Kids indeed are amazing in so many things they do! Our little one is one of the most curious I’ve seen, always looking to learn and get into something with that imagination of his. To the detriment of our sanity sometimes, it feels and my gray hair shows lol

Creativity and the ability to think like that comes naturally for some, and you folks clearly foster and nurture it...That lad has a good future ahead of him I think. :)


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Sorry for such a late reply! Lots of stuff going on with the business, thank god the hubby has been helping me with the business! I'd never leave our room lol

We love his creativity and crafty little mind! It causes a lot of stress sometimes when he insists on doing dangerous things but not much we can do in the end sometimes. We certainly hope to bring out his creativity as much as we can with letting him do mostly whatever he wants which 90% of the time involves wood, LEGO and tools. Can’t complain about that in the least!

Wood Lego and tools...It sounds like little E-dog is just like I was. It's a good combination. Keep it up, he'll reap a bountiful harvest from what you sow in him now.

I love his creativity and imagination! ❤️

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