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Explaining different nutritional requirements is a fun one, I remember having to explain it to my kids when they were 4-8, as while we see eggs as "healthy", they were seen as "unhealthy" for one of the friends they at at the time as said friend was anaphylactically allergic to eggs. I don't think it took as long as it could have to grok as we knew quite a few families with differing dietary requirements (gluten free, vegan, various food intolerances etc). Meanwhile we were lucky not to have a lot of food intolerances (only one was food colouring with youngest) so had just stuck with stereotypical "healthy" and "unhealthy" XD

I like that you brought up that questionability here.

That's some nice colouring in :D

With kids they're going to go on and off foods as they age and it's going to drive you nuts for a bit where a previous favourite thing ever is suddenly yuck. Just gotta keep offering whatever is healthy for your current diet/stage and hoping XD


Thanks you for your comment!
Yes, I figured more people would discover the questionability while educating about nutrition. Especially in a world where you hear more and more about food intolerance...

Our daughter has already seen how her father reacts very very bad to certain things (the stomach issues cause extreme visits to the toilet to say it in a most delicate matter lol) and she of course, remembers seeing and hearing that. So she has seen him change diets several times, but we're still not sure as cures never seem lasting.

I think in his case, the best choice so far was keep taking high doses of vitamin c and d every day.

Look at the intake of our daughter, some days I'm just happy that she at least eats a bit better than before, and just leave the struggle out because I also know things go in phases and some things will pass.

Thanks for your great comment! <3

Oof that sounds uncomfortable x_x it could be several things triggering it, good luck finding them D:

lol, it is ;) but luckily, more and more "tests" that we do, reveal that we can make it a lot better (even temporarily) so eventually, the solution will be found, I'm sure :)