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RE: Preschool Art Class | DIY Finger Puppets From Chenille Stems / Pipe Cleaners

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Ahhh those are adorable XD

Hope your finger is okay D: if it's any consolation the extra big owlish googloy eyes look amazing.

Had no idea those things were called chenille stems or even what chenille was, isn't homeschooling great ;D they've always just been "pipe cleaners" here.


Thanks! Yeah my fingers are ok haha..

Maybe the term for them in crafty world is pipe cleaners and is this the official name, I have no idea, it's the second time I read pipe cleaners, so it must be a known term (which didn't ring any bell for me either, so either way I would have had to google it lol)

But the explanation makes sense, if you google chenille only without the stems behind it, look at the images you find. Fabric that look just as fluffy :)

From now on, I will most likely stick to pipe cleaners though, as that sounds like a more familiar term.. Will also add that in the post, for searching purposes!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your Sunday!