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RE: When Covid Hits Too Close to Home(school)

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Oof that would have been a less than pleasant experience, glad it was "just" A virus and not THE virus XD Are you all better now?

Don't feel bad about the calculated risks, that's a kind of thing that gets done every day (it's just more calculated now with this dumbarse thing flicking around). Life would be simultaneously stressful, unpleasant and incredibly boring if we lived in constant fear and paranoia XD

Did you have fun incorporating that experience into the homeschool? Would have covered so much biology, biotech and psychology with all that nonsense going on :D


We are all doing well now. Thanks for asking.

Unfortunately, we were not able to cover the topics you mentioned. Our bodies were too tired and our brains too our of it to engage. We hope to refer to some of our experiences and extract some learning opportunities.