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RE: Home education during Lockdown

in Home Edders4 months ago

Are you officially joining us? :D

Reading and writing is absolutely fun if you don't make it hard work ;D


I've been wanting to join for some time but didn't know what to write :) it's a great community

Yay :D

You could write about almost anything. I mean look at the nonsense I come out with XD I really should do what you're doing more and include the educationese breakdown; I don't always think about that though as the moderator does that when I reformat the blog posts into a report for them. And it's usually a mission for me to just keep on top of the monthly blog ^_^;

You're posts are really good, that's what got me across :) I have a few other lessons I've done with lil miss, it has been an epic time in lock down. But we are getting through it! It's been fun though.

Just wait til you can get back out and about and do some "real" homeschooling in the outside world, you'll have a grand old time then ;D