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RE: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star! We Had Fun With AR (Augmented Reality StarView App)

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Aargh dammit I completely forgot about the star viewer apps, I used to have one a while ago but it got deleted off my phone for I can't remember what reason, and while we did go out to look at the conjunction (mine are old enough to appreciate it from a distance and feel a modicum of regret that we were all too tired to make the trip to any of the locations where various astronomy clubs were setting up telescopes for the public as we'd all been running around like headless chickens trying to get ready for a big trip that happened the following day). Would have added to the experience XD


Yeah, the app definitely added to the experience. Though for us we just were around the house. There were suggested viewing sites here but I didn't want to risk getting lost in the desert. 😂😅

Yeah the desert is no joke if you aren't familiar with trekking out there in the night on a normal night lol never mind with a plan like this. Maybe try to get a little more familiar so you get a better view next time? Could be fun, or terrifying hahaha

Yeah, I'm not too confident to go wandering about in the desert especially my car isn't 4x4. Haha. The last time we went camping I took a wrong turn - actually took the exit before the correct one. Waze led me through 5 kilometers of moon-like surfaced terrain until we reached a dead end and had no choice but to go back. I think it took us over 1 hour to reach the campsite when it should have been just 20 minutes if we took the correct exit. The campsite was actually just behind the fence at the dead-end but our car won't be able to traverse the loose desert sand.


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That's great I'm glad your older kids are at the age to appreciate it! I missed all of it but our son did get to enjoy the full moon the past 2 days. We don't see many stars where we are but hopefully we will be moving to a place with less light pollution!

Guessing you live in a city of a very big/busy suburb/residential hell? I don't even like the light pollution out where I am in the suburbs and it's a hell of a lot less than the tiny handful of cities I've been in, we can at least see a lot of stars even if the sky isn't as full of them as I remember seeing growing up in a much smaller town 🙃

Hope you’re able to move somewhere with less light pollution so you can enjoy more night sky 😄