Our Homeschooling Journey: Cursive Writing

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When was the last time you wrote something in cursive? And I mean properly write cursive. Every week, I get the chance to make some cursive writing through my grocery list. There are several apps on mobile phones now for making lists, appointments, and notes. Call me old-school but I switched back into jotting down my grocery list on a piece of paper because I prefer to see them physically.

Anyways, my third grader student wanted to continue learning cursive writing. She has started learning on her own at home and she showed me she can write her name already.

For her first day or cursive writing here, the first task I gave her was to write her name properly. Our next task was to write each letter in cursive.

She was given papers where she can practice the uppercase and lowercase letters. I personally wrote each letter for her guide. I ran into a tiny little bit of a snag though. For the love of me, I couldn't remember how to write the letter G in cursive.

Google to the rescue! A simple search "G in cursive" and poof! I made the writing exercise right in front of my niece so it would be a bit embarrassing if I taught her wrong. lol!

We might run into more bumps in our homeschooling journey but at least, I have the internet on my side. The day proved to be very productive and full of learning not only for her but for me as well.

At the end of every lesson, I asked her what she learned and if she liked the activity. I figured doing this would help her open up a little bit more because I observed she is very shy and likes to keep her thoughts to herself. Once she's more comfortable opening up to me, we'll both be able to figure out the best way she can learn more effectively.

My takeaway on this lecture was first, I need to prepare my new lessons ahead of time. All the learning materials I have in my arsenal right now are all for my little girl. While these were still useful for my 6-year-old student, the third-grader is already way ahead of the two others. Our homeschooling journey has indeed climbed up to the next level. It is only proper to step up my teaching strategies as well.

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Writing on paper with a pen or pencil is one of my favorite things to do. With digitization going on everywhere, this artform is no longer the first option for many people. Hopefully, the younger generation will have a good appreciation of it as we did back in the old days, when the alternative was carrying around a portable typewriter. Hi-tech ka dati pag may dala kang typewriter sa school. Haha :)

May nakita ako dati na yung last will and testament niya will be written in cursive. Ganun din gagawin ko pag yumaman ako. Hahahaha. Para mapilitan mag aral ng cursive writing ang mga papamanahan ko. Hahahah. Pero bago ang lahat, kailangan maging mayaman muna. 😅

Hmmm.. Magandang idea yan. Eh, kung baybayin kaya ang gamitin mo!? 😁

Nakuuu. di pa ako marunong mag baybayin. Balak ko magpa tattoo niyan pero siyempre kailangan alam ko basahin muna. Haha

Haha. Huwag ka muna magpa tatoo. Aralin mo muna. :)

I also prefer to write my shopping list down on paper as opposed to jotting them down on the phone, especially now-- poses a risk of touching it with contaminated hands.

As for cursive writing, I had a lot of practice back in the day as my writing book used to fly out of the classroom window (same goes to most of the class). Haha. But then going into highschool, through college and up to now, I very seldom write in cursive.

It's a good fine motor skills practice though... Si kuya, hindi cia marunong mag cursive. Ayaw eh, hindi ko naman pinipilit, especially now that most of their works need to be computerized anyway. But my girl is super interested, she is starting to learn already. So baka ma-influence pa nya si kuya. We don't know. haha

Grabehan ang paglipad ng notebook. Same same tayo jan. Hahaha. My grocery list needs to be read and reviewd by hubby first before he leaves otherwise he's gonna habe a hard time deciphering it.

Yan din maganda sa maraming estudyante. There's a chance na magka impluwensiyahan sila. Sana yung good influence ang magaya. Haha

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