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What is public policy?

Public policy is like a guide being taken by the administrative branches in each state. It's like ethics that need to be followed in public. From the foundation of it are the laws and regulations. It's obvious how this public policy should be important.

Public policy can be dynamic because it does not refer only to one. Such as laws, quotas, subsidies, and regulations. It's so important to maintain the decision-making and the discipline of a state. Without the policy, the people will not be aware of what kind of actions should be prohibited.

This helps every citizen to understand their limitations in the public. Even non-governmental sectors have a public policy since it will ruin their reputation. From the word public, it means a whole state outside. Policy as well means the laws or guidance needs to follow.


Understanding Public Policy

Public policy is like how people should react to the public. The policy will serve as their guide not to do badly in the public. Let's say, for example, some couple is doing a public display of affection. Knowing it's in the public, the government disallowed this kind of behavior.

This means that every citizen should be considerate of their surroundings. Public policy is teaching someone about the correct values in the public. There will be a certain punishment for those who disagree with it. To have a peaceful society we need public policy.

Characteristics of Public Policy

One of the characteristics of Public Policy is decision-making. In every decision that the state is going to make there should be an explanation of why it should be made. There will also be prepared on how to implement it. There's a risk so it's important to talk it over and over.

Some components need to be considered as well. Let's say for example if it's acceptable in the public or it isn't unfair to the citizens. I think that there should be an agreement between the citizens and the government officers to make a certain policy be implemented.

The policy-making process

Public policy refers to taking action from the government. It envelopes laws, guidelines, and resolutions. Therefore, before a certain policy is submitted to the public. It needs to check if it's acceptable or means no harm to the citizens.

The terms will not be neglected or else a certain policy will never be allowed. Hearing or consultation first needs to be done. This is to make sure that the public will understand the simple details that the government wanted to achieve.

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