Art class: Fashioned by Nature

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Arts has been a subject in the class. This gives more proper training for those people who are skillful when it comes to arts. It has different categories and styles that make it more fun and interesting. I can remember every Monday we have an Art class with my grade 1 students. I can see their excitement. The majority of the students love it and they learn a lot from it. This is one of the best strategies to implement hands-on activities because students are taught to do the work independently. They learn how to draw simple lines and shapes, proper cutting of paper, and combining colors. Since the classroom is spacious, we have this hanging corner where I displayed all their outputs.No matter how it looks like whether it's good or not so good in your eyes you have to treat them equally. Show what they have done because that's how they express their arts. Students are smiling every time they enter the classroom seeing their artwork and they love to share it with their parents. I love watching children being happy with what they love to do.

Black and Peach Look of the day Photo Collage.png

Art by:@missdonna

Aside from cooking, my hobby is doing art but I am more into kids stuff especially DIY (Do it Yourself) crafts. Today, I will give you the steps on how to make a fashion sketch into something colorful and attractive or let us say "beautify" it. Some of you were familiar with fashionable food and I always dreamt to make my own style. I want to use any available resources from nature. It was a hot sunny day yesterday, I went outside and roam around the garden. I saw some beautiful flowers then I decided to have them to make this artwork successful.

GREEN (2).png

Photographed by:@missdonna

This is a presentation of a woman who is a thalassophile. She is a person who loves the ocean especially when it's summertime. As you can see how she was dressed up with these beautiful tiny red flowers. She definitely shows the summer beach vibes. I can imagine herself she is having a great vacation in Hawaii.



Print hard copy (Fashion Dress)


Red Santan flowers

Since I don't have enough time to sketch, I decided to search online for some sample fashion dress sketches. I printed the photos in black and white because I want my part for adding colors to it. Near the mango tree, I saw these "red Santan" flowers. This will perfectly match my ideas for the first artwork. These flowers are commonly found in the garden here in our place.


White Glue



You must have a tweezer because it will save time. Since we need to carefully place the tiny red santan on the paper, so it takes a step-by-step process. If not, the flower's petals will be stuck on your finger due to the glue.


rm1 (1).png

Let's cut the thin stem of the flower using the scissor. The reason why we have to cut it because we have to flatten the flowers so that they can easily paste on the paper.

rm1 (2).png

Start spreading the white glue on the paper. I put the glue first on her bottom dress. Make sure it will not overlap from its outline.

rm1 (3).png

Let's put piece by piece. I suggest you put the red santan first on the outline before covering it in the middle part. You have to cut the excess petals in order not to cover the leg and the arms.

rm1 (4).png

For her crop top, you can use the extra stems that you cut. I usually use a razor blade to cut it and align the measurement of the stems. But reminder for the kids, you can simply choose one stem, measure the rest and paste it one by one on the paper.

rm1 (6).png

rm1 (5).png

Look! how amazing it is. We can simply see how all those red santan put together. I just love the details of the output. The color red gives a highlight of being fierce.

GREEN (3).png

Photographed by:@missdonna

The next one is presentation of a woman who is elegant.I love how I combine lavender with green. It's not my favorite color but if this is a real dress? I will surely wear this. This image reflects a confident, intelligent, and fashionable woman. It's very stylish in appearance.


Waffle Photo Food Promo Instagram Post (5).png

Philippine violet:Barleria Cristata

I felt sad with these blue bell violet flowers because I found them on the ground. On the other day, we experienced a strong wind maybe it's the reason they fell on the ground.



I am not familiar with this plant, if you know it, kindly comment below. I want you to pull all the small white flowers and leaves from its stem.



It will be the same steps, put a white glue and slowly place the flowers using the tweezer. Look at the second photo, how it was covered perfectly.



To put some shiny parts, I decided to have some purple sequence for the top of her dress. Actually, these sequences were from my glass vail. For the rose on her hand, I quickly make a small hole to make the look that she was like holding the flower.


GREEN (1).png

Photographed by:@missdonna

This woman is a representative of all the women farmers who work so hard. Because a true woman is a person who never gives up and continuously fighting for her dreams in life. Staying here in the province made me realize how they took risks and sacrifice for their family. Carrying those loads of vegetables, planting under the heat of the sun was totally incomparable. That is why I choose the grain of rice and plants. My empathy is on you.


White grain of rice


Green leaves


Cover the whole dress up to the knee part with white grain of rice.



You can now start placing the leaves on the bottom dress and cover all the empty space.

Thank you everyone for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. If you wish to make your own, I would love to see it. Let's teach the young generation that we don't have to buy decorations to make our artwork nice. We can simply appreciate nature and utilize what's offered. And to all women, I hope that this own interpretation of mine motivates you. Be updated for my upcoming posts. To more arts and crafts!

Best Regards,

Teacher Donna


This is a really cool activity to create with children. I like the innovation of using materials that are free and recyclable. The detail in your post is great and very easy to follow.
Thank you for sharing I enjoyed it very much. 🤗💚

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Good day @holisticmom, I am thankful for taking your time to read on my post. I hope you can help me to promote recycling and reusing management ☺️

This is ingenious and creative. Your student will !LUV it. !discovery 25

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Very creative, I like how your imagination works.

Hi @afterglow. Thanks for appreciating .

You're welcome (^_^)

Truly beautiful and dedicated work. Certainly art education is not a complement, it is a basic training for everyone from a very young age, it allows us to express ourselves and to manifest through colors, shapes and textures everything that sometimes we can't do with our words. Excellent post, congratulations

Good day @emimoron, you are exactly right , arts can be our way to express where our mouth can't . Thanks for the sparing your time reading my post.☺️

Loving this post! Last year, around Christmas, I was checking out these kind of dresses from flowers and other stuff, I decided to give it a try using pencil sharpener, but it didn't work out as cool as these :)
Thanks for giving me the inspiration to have another try soon!

Oh, I tried the sharpened pencil too but it was far beyond my expectation heheheheheheh . Can't wait to see your artwork too and for sure you're gonna love posting it on the walls as decos.