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RE: Home education during Lockdown

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My wife doesn't go near the kitchen as it's my domain.

😭 I'm sick of cooking, but my hubby REALLY can't cook. So excuse me while I mourn the fact I'll never have a hubby to cook so I can have a break.


Haha yeah, sometimes I feel like a break and we will get take away. But I really enjoy cooking. Can be hard sometimes with work and life in general.

I don't mind cooking, if I can relax and enjoy it, but generally I'm trying to squeeze it in with doing everything else and it's also been off putting over the years when I've spent ages cooking and there's always been one in the family complaining they don't like it. So I stick to the same few things everyone will eat, then hubby starts complaining about lack of variety. I just can't win!


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That's tough indeed! I'm glad my wife and I both cook. I do more cooking lately since my wife's been doing the small business stuff but she does a great job when she can find the time. It does get hard when only one can do an important thing like that but such is life!

Now she's older, my daughter occasionally cooks, so that's something. She's rather not be ding it regularly, though.