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These are absolutely beautiful images. How amazing is it when you go out with the kids. My lil often reminds me of the small things I take for granted. When she saw her first bug on one of our first walks. I initially in my mind got frustrated because I wanted to keep moving and it was taking forever!

I didn't say anything to her, but as I watched her watching the bug it hit me. For me this was just a routine walk trying to burn some calories and trying to maintain a pace.

But for her, she was experiencing the world for the first time and learning about it. I've never rushed her along again and wait patiently


Thanks ^_^ I have really cute models to work with ;D It changes as they get older too, it's kind of amusing when they get so "jaded" as they grow into cynical teenagers but they still have such a vastly different and still comparatively naive viewpoint to an adult.

Don't feel too bad about being frustrated, I've noticed that seems to happen when people grow up and get jobs (I think that's been one of my biggest issues with getting a job, haven't grown up yet XD). Least you've caught that and slowed down and appreciated instead of rushing the child along, I've seen that happen way too many times :S

Looking forward to that video whenever you get around to it :D


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Everything is so new and amazing when you're young and I loved getting too see that again through my daughters' eyes as they grew up.


It's amazing isn't it, I was just talking about this to @ryivhnn the other day. Bit like the image above. Me and the lil one are currently in the backyard looking at this little bug. I think they are nicknames Christmas Beatles.

But I spoke of a time where I was going for a walk and began getting frustrated at lil miss who was then almost 2. She kept stopping to look at ants and worms and bugs. All I wanted to do was get some exercise. I didn't say anything to her about my frustration but I did try and hurry her up.

Then I realised that what I was taking for granted she was seeing for the first time and learning about.

I've never been frustrated again, now I paitently wait. Sometimes our walks will go for 2+ hrs. It's nice forgetting about the material world and revisiting life. It is, what is most important after all.