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RE: Maths class - practical setting

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Oh, I'm scared of the future. I know its great skills to build but it is also going to cause alot of trouble.

Glad your daughters have grown up strong independent women. Well done. It's not easy raising kids. Whole new world for me.


It's certainly not an easy task to take on, the raising of children. Cherish as much as you can, because ultimately we raise them to leave us behind, don't we? The love we have for our parents is not the same as that we have for our children, so when they are no longer dependant on us we have to realise that their love for us will never match the love we have for them.

Seems to me that you make a great dad.


Ouch, right in the feels. Lil Miss 3 tells me a few times a week she no longer loves me 🤣 usually when she doesn't get what she wants.

Thank you, it means alot. I always ask how im going as a dad, but lil miss 3 has no one else to compare me to so not the best person to ask. Depending on her mood at the time will dictate the response I get 🤣


Wow, she's a challenger! I guarantee she loves you dearly, really. I agree, she probably isn't the best one to ask if you're doing a good job as a parent. Better to ask other parents as they have much more experience to compare with.

I believe that if you question yourself as a parent, then you are likely a good one, because you'll always seek to do the right thing by your child.

I try, and it is always good to unwind with some wine so cheers to that !WINE

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