Suriname HomeSchool Journal #54 🏫 Dancing, New LEGOs House

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I made my new LEGO house for my character. My sister has a silly dance. I wrote a bit about lockdown. Have fun enjoying my post.


HomeSchool Journal πŸ““ #54
Date πŸ“…Tuesday, December 24th, 2020
Location πŸ—ΊοΈ Paramaribo, Suriname
Srey-Yuu's HomeSchool Journal and its template are supervised by Dad πŸ‘³β€β™‚οΈ (@justinparke).


πŸ’šπŸ’›β€οΈ ITAL HEALTH πŸ’šπŸ’›β€οΈ

please tell me something you did today for your Ital livity or health and include a picture of it



Β  Β  Β This is a picture of my sister dancing. Dancing is also one of many sports. It is good to get a move and exercise. My sister loves dancing. She can dance for 24 hours. she always makes some silly dance.

Β  Β  Β I love to dance too. It is a bit like exercise but it is more fun than exercise. Me and my sister also made our own new dance steps. My sister still doesn't remember the steps yet. I only teach her five steps and she doesn't get it yet.


please use some new words or grammar you've learned, and write a sentence in English, Khmer, Dutch and Spanish
please make new vocabulary or grammar bold


I design clothes for the company.


Ik ben dol op groenten eten.


Yo tengo un collar.




take one really special picture today and tell Hive about it


Β  Β  Β This is my new LEGOs house. In this LEGO house my LEGO character lives in it. My character name Wonder Woman but I use one of Cityheart's characters. My character has blue eyes and black hair. My character lives alone in my new LEGOs house. My sister with the black hair came to visited me. My sister LEGO character came to visited my LEGO character. :]


take a picture of Sakana and help her write what she wants to tell Hive today

Β  Β  Β I am picturing with my sister. I help my sister do LEGO for the post. My dad are silly silly. I want to picture with my sister. That's it I want to tell you. Bye-bye.



write one paragraph about your thoughts and feelings today

Β  Β  Β Now, in Suriname they lockdown again. Today, the lockdown at 7:00 PM. My sister said she hates lockdown. Our friends said now they can't play with me for long. I will give my mom or my dad a massage because they are walked for a long time to get to the supermarket.


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You want to give your Mum and Dad a massage?

Can you be my child??

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Hahah that's what we all a for, in kids. Help the parents out with small stuff like that! Want to give me a good back scratch? Not so much to ask for!

Well, I can't because I already have my mom and my dad. But, I hope you have a child or children that can give you a massage.

sadly, now he is grown up, and he only gives his girlfriend a massage!

Maybe, your grandchild will. It is still some hope.

They do have a puppy, but puppys aren't very good at massage!

I love your lego house. I think I would like to play with legos but I am too old. I am happy you are dancing and dancing and I am sorry about lockdown. I wish you did not have to live through this. Us too here in Canada.

At least you have a wonderful family and so nice to give a massage after they walk so far.


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Thank you and that okay. Me and my sister massage my mom. Me and my sister and my mom massage my dad. My dad is so lucky. Thank you for enjoy my post.


Never too old to play with Lego! I'm pretty sure most of the Lego Community here on Hive are adults ;D

Thanks for the tip!

Yeah you betcha most of us are adults in it LOL. So much fun and creativity!

There's no such thing as too old to play with LEGO! You just have to ditch the stigma and have fun with it. Some of the best times lately are building fun stuff with our son with LEGO. I don't know who has more fun, him or I 🀣

I once knew someone who told me his great uncle invented legos.

It is the one thing I never had in my life. I think when I have a chance to get some I will. Thanks.

I am sorry to hear that Suriname is in lockdown again. I know it is hard when you can not play with your friends.

You and your sister always build great things with your legos. I really liked how you used the small green leaves growing out of the concrete with your lego creation.

Yeah their LEGO creation was really cool. I like the home style of it, I'm glad they made that version of LEGO!

Yeah, I like it too. My sister made that idea because she said it will look better with those plant.

Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise that can be great fun - great way to get the sillies out too!
Lovely creation with your Lego house!
Sorry to hear you are in lock down again - it must be tough not being able to go play with your friends!
Looks like you and your sister manage to have lots of fun together though and you have a lovely and supportive family - all the best for the new year!

I wasn't much of a dancer before but now I enjoy it with our son. It's great exercise indeed!

Thank you so much for your very kind words. Happy New Year to you too. Yes I think every body love dancing even if they are old. I really love slow dance. It is fun to watch.

Oh no not more lockdown DX

Can you video call your friends and have a video dance party?

Nice Lego house :)

Maybe, but I can't call them. Because, I don't know their number or they messenger.

Maybe ask your parents if they can can your friends' parents? Otherwise get the number or messenger next time you see them? πŸ™ƒ

Maybe. I dad told me maybe today they will come or not. They are far away from where I live. So they are hard to get here. But I know they are here they can run where ever they want.

What great little LEGO house you made! I love it. The umbrella is my favorite part lol.

Dancing is such a good way to get some excellent exercise! It’s really good for your body and it helps pass the time in a fun way for everyone involved! It’s particularly helpful if they keep doing these unnecessary lock downs.