Photography & Blogging Can Be An Important Part Of Any Homeschooling Journey

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Photography and blogging have played an important educational role in my two daughters' homeschooling journey since COVID-19 made public school here in Suriname a hot inconsistent mess.

Don't Rely On The System Too Much 🏫

     Many of you Hivers know that my whole family blogs on Hive via @Sreypov and the @KidSisters profiles. Eons ago there was a suspension of public school classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and there was zero communication from the public school system for nearly 6 months.


     I chose to take full responsibility for our daughters' educations after Suriname dropped the bar, and I decided to make Hive blogging a component of their home education. Hive posts have become a great way for me to check our oldest daughter's progress with English grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

Enter @Sreypov | Master Nature Photography Teacher 👩‍🏫

     We recently took our daughters' blog to the next level by letting them record their own 3Speak videos, and more recently our family's master nature photographer @Sreypov, aka Mom, has been giving both girls photography lessons.


     The @KidSisters already study a few hours a day on Khan Academy, DuoLingo, E-School Cambodia, and a few other educational apps, but I feel there is a need for experiential education.



     As we are strapped for cash, our options are limited, so walks around the neighborhood on butterfly photography quests led by @Sreypov have really been a hit for both of our girls. Everything from patience to awareness in the moment, and even proper hydration are all lessons learned near the equator when walking the streets at high noon.






Experiential Education Is A Must 🕵️‍♀️

     There are some things that just can't be taught in the classroom, and experiential education is often overlooked in mainstream education. Our girls have a solid foundation of computer and language skills that have all come directly or indirectly from Hive blogging.


     Life beyond the screen is most important, so we try to teach life lessons as well, such as an appreciation of nature, even if it is a microcosm on the road's edge. A spirit of adventure and curiosity are such important skillsets to possess is dynamic world, and that means Monkey-B sometimes abandons photography in favor of butterfly catching.



A Little Profit Never Hurt 💵

     At the end of the day, I ultimately encourage the girls to take pictures of daily life, and the content and post ideas naturally follow most of the time. Of course the ability to earn an income from their posts is very big motivator. My daughters are old enough to know the rough price of things, so they understand what their $232 account value can buy in the real world.


     When I stop and think of the many ways young ladies are earning an income from the internet, Hive shines like a diamond. The Kardashian culture has greatly affected the mentality of these youths around the world, and earning an income via Instagram booty pics is not sustainable, nor does it command the skillset managing one's own Hive blog does.


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Monkey B



I wish that my school days would have been exactly like this. I would have been a much happier child and youth. I quit indoctrination camp twice. I was just depressed at school and hated every bit of it.

I think how you teach these girls to teach themselves is the answer to becoming real geniuses in life unlike the Kardashian culture.

Your girls are in life and are clearly motivated to experience it. On top of that they are some of my favorite Hivers. Who would figure that some of the most good quality content on Hive comes from children.


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I think your girls are getting more life experience and learning a lot more compare to sitting in the classroom 👍


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Well, I think sister doesn't need me anymore. She is a very good photography. I think someday she will better then me or mom. She never good like you do dad.


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The experiential education thing has been almost the entirety of our homeschooling, it's really hard to describe just how amazing it is :D

You're doing a much better job getting your kids to document things than I am, my kids are a constant struggle XD

Not surprised Monkey B was more interested in catching actual butterflies than photos of butterflies, looks like someone got some good shots of her with butterflies at least!

For sure the experiential education is far better! We really started getting into that this past summer and fall and will only continue from here!


You have a small one don't you? It's always the best to be able to see their faces when they're learning or experiencing things especialy in the early stages :)


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Ah how amazing! I love the stuff your daughters post, they crack me up with their building and dancing stuff.

I think that some of the best things we can do and learn are right around us. Too much focus is on destination stuff and going all around when there are plenty of things outside our doors that are just as cool if you look at it in the right light. Not even any money spent on gas either in many scenarios! Keep that up and I know your daughters will appreciate it the older they get. I’m also glad that they are into hive and this stuff this early, their money can only grow from here! The disgusting things they do with women in the sexualized culture is terrible and I feel bad for so many girls around the world that are influenced by that crap.


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It was enjoyed time!! Love you all.

Thanks @sreypov, I love taking pictures of our family when we are busy taking pictures of nature. !ENGAGE 10

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