Home Education Curation Collection. 2nd August 2020

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Welcome back to another collection of the favourite picks for the week. I'm really enjoying being able to make this curation regular and watching the community grow!



Different countries, even different states within countries, have varying regulations when it comes to home educating. Most of them require some form of proof as to what the children have been learning and accomplishing. @arrliinn is currently creating a portfolio for her children's work in anticipation of meeting with the homeschool advisor and demonstrates the benefits of Canva and having shared their work on Hive.


When learning to write from scratch, it can be surprising how much more is involved than just forming letters. This is what @romeskie is currently facing as she documents her little one's writing journey.


Sometimes we're educating our children without really thinking about it, then sometimes we're missing out on opportunities to include education, because we just didn't think of it! I used to drive for hours a week with my daughters for extra curricular activities and it took me a while you realise we could make the journeys both more fun and educational. @homestead-guru shares a range of activities that can be done while travelling to get you carschooling.


This article from @kalemandra gets the science brain into observation mode. It shares some fantastic photography skills with some observations of water and the structures it follows.


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Some great content again! Thank you everyone who is sharing.

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