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Well the dust has settled and I'm back into my routine. We've had a few newcomers since the @ocd collaboration, but also a couple who didn't seem to know what the community is about and I'd like to thank those community members who left lovely comments to help them in the right direction.

First our usual thank you everyone who makes this community what it is. This week Hive for interaction on posts in the HomeEdders community goes to:

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Something that is often debated is how we all have different learning styles. As homeschooling parents this is something we can cater for much more easily than they can in big classrooms, but have you ever wondered what your child's strongest learning style is? @emimoron goes through the learning styles gives an idea of how you might be able to tell what your child's style is.


@taliakerch has found an alphabet yoga pack for kids which has gotten her boy excited to do yoga! I wonder if you can find or even make something for each language.

Mrs @canadianrenegade demonstrates the fun alphabet treasure hunt she devised for her 3 year olds. It incorporates sensory activities with visual learning and letter recognition.

It's often hard to pick just one of the activities @missdeli shares each week for toddlers, so I certainly recommend visiting her page to see them all. This week I'll highlight her animal rescue activity to help develop fine motor skills and an awareness of other living things around us.

Finally I'd like to include @jacobtothe’s question on whether homeschooling still has a stigma. It’s lovely to see some debate already happening there and I think the answers to the question will vary depending on what has been happening in your region over the last year or more.

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I wish I realized that this community is here sooner. I once joined, forgot about it, while I was in need for all these tips so badly. But guess it's better late than never :) So much inspiration flowed through my mind already by visiting a few of these posts, awesome! I will write one in the next days to share some of my experience!


Thanks @homeedders !

I'm glad you found us! Looking forward to reading about your experiences. 😊

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Thank you for the mention, it was a pleasant surprise. We are just getting dipping our toes back into blogging abd we have had a warm welcome back. We are also very new to the Hive platform and it looks like we have some learning to do. Can't wait to dive more into these communities and read some content. -Aimee

It's wonderful to see you back. I'm sure you'll enjoy the communities once you've got into the swing of things.


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Keep up the great work I love it and love reading the posts, the OCD contest got a little busy but I'm sure things will get back to normal now.


Yes, it's certainly settling down to a less hectic pace. Thank you.


Sorry you had some drama with a few users, hopefully things have gone back to normal but with more new users and more engagement :)


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Been so busy lately I haven't been able to explore all the awesome posts this community always has. At least these curations give me chance to have a quick run of the highlights. Long live @HomeEdders!!!

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There must be something in the air. I feel like it's been none stop for me as well, lately! Glad we could help with the highlights, anyway. Hopefully you're achieving things. Never fun to be busy and feel like you're getting nowhere...

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Thank you so much @homeedders and to all the members for the support and the generous endless idea. Blessings and more power to community.

WOW! Thank you for all! Love all the articles!
Glad to see we're growing together as a community!

Lots of great activity this week. Thank you to everyone who makes this place what it is.

@tipu curate

Thank you very much friends of Home Edders, in this space we are growing as a family. Thank you for your support

What a wonderful way to start the week knowing that I am on this super list of quality posts that support homeschooling. Thank you so much

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Thank you @homeedders

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