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This week we invited parents to tell us about how they educate their children. There is no single road to a successful education and everyone has a different approach. I was hoping that this would show in the entries and while we only ended up with three, each approach was certainly very different.


While @arrliinn's family are Filipino, they are based in the United Arab Emirates. Her eldest started out in a Filipino school, but for a variety of reasons they decided to change to homeschooling. Now They officially have three homeschooling and have taken a curriculum based along with a world schooling approach. Read on to see how this works for them.


A family that has been on the road and is now living on the land is @trucklife-family’s. They are true unschoolers with a philosophy that they learn together and that children have an innate ability to learn themselves. A fantastic read, especially if you're curious about how this could work.


@romeskie and her husband always knew they would homeschool their daughter, because the first 7 years of a child's life is the most crucial in character building. She describes their approach as holistic. Read on to find our how she approaches this.


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Thank you! It's really interesting to read posts in this community - lets me get different outlook and pov's from other families. 😍

I always feel it's a great opportunity to be abble to share experiences and ideas. That way we can get ideas when something's not working, to try a different way.

Thank you so much for including me as a beneficiary!

Really great selection here. I need to make the time to start reading and supporting these posts!!

Thank you for your support throughout the life of this community.

Thanks @homeedders and @minismallholding, and congrats to the featured content creators.

I hope to bump up my delegation to 100 HP once I get some more delegations powered down. Stay tuned...

It's a pleasure. We appreciate yours and your family's involvement in the community.

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