Education Debate Challenge #3 How do you educate?

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A few days ago, @sumatranate wrote about there being a sort of spilt personally with regards roles as home educators. It wasn't something I'd ever considered before and made me curious to know more about how their family homeschools. I thought that it would be a great topic for the community and he even beat me to it with a response to my comment on homeschooling versus school at home.

So the new education debate challenge is “How do you educate?”


I feel that for homeschoolers, how they choose to educate is often interlinked with why they chose to homeschool. It can also be dictated, to some extent, by the regulations in their country or state. We often use labels like unschooling, school at home or eclectic homeschooling to try and describe how we or others educate, yet even these can be interpreted differently by different people.

As always, this challenge is open to all, not just HomeEdders, because even when our children attend school we often educate them in many ways at home. Some questions to consider:

  • Why do you educate your child in the way you do?
  • How would you describe they way you teach them?
  • Do you have to meet education regulations for your country or state, if so, what are those regulations and how do you meet them?
  • Do you feel that there is a need to acquaint your children with test like situations in preparation for them encountering these in the future?
  • Do your children do better on a schedule or taking things as they come?

You don't have to write a post to join in with this conversation, feel free to just interact in the comments, or on any posts on it. If you write about it in a post, use the tag #educationdebate and drop the link in the comments here to help me find it. Entries due next Monday 7th September. We have up to 20 HBD to hand out for involvement.

- @minismallholding

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Great question, I look forward to answering this xx

Looking forward to reading. ❤ Hope your starting to feel a bit better; you've been missed.


Yay, I'm glad this subject is arriving here on Hive. Our family is newly embracing the homeschool / unschool options this round. We've given it a lot of thought, and we've tried some variations throughout the past few months. Feeling ready now, and excited. One of the best parts is that we're committing to sharing more time with the kids, and they've always shown us that our presence is the greatest gift we can give to them. The other best part is that we're teaming up with another family, so we'll have two days of mentorship and two days free. Feels like real progress for us. Looking forward to connecting further over similar topics, thanks!

It's an exciting transition, but can be unnerving at times too. Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

Here's mine, thanks for the opportunity to share my views xx

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