Education Debate Challenge #2 How Important is Freedom of Education?

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It's pretty much agreed that every child across the world should have access to education. There is quite the drive for it, in fact. However, if education is restricted to what the government provides, how important is freedom of education? Should parents still be able to choose how their child is educated, when no one person learns the same?


How important is freedom of education?

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I'm seven years old.
My father explained what is free education.😊
I'm half-schooled and half-unschooled.
I like schools because I've friends to play but I love the half-unschooled because I learn a lot.
Hive(Steem) was one of the unschooled programs I have chosen last year.
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Looking forward to reading the responses on this!

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As am mom, en entrepreneur and as an employer, I think I'd like to tackle this question!! Esp as I'm talking with my daughter regularly about this right now. ow important IS calculus anyway and wouldn't Chinese be more useful? But who pays me while I teach her??

Before Monday. That gives me a few days! On it.

There have been so many times where lack of freedom after the basics have been taught have frustrated us. I've also often wondered why they don't teach languages from amuch younger age in many schools.

Hi @homeedders,

Got this link from @artemislives. Is this weeks debate closed, or are entries for today still encouraged? Feel free to let me know.


Entries are still open. I won't be doing the round up until tomorrow to allow for all time zones to get in. I can extend it a little too.

Ok great. I'll write something about the freedom of education later today. 😊