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Creativity and the ability to think like that comes naturally for some, and you folks clearly foster and nurture it...That lad has a good future ahead of him I think. :)



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Sorry for such a late reply! Lots of stuff going on with the business, thank god the hubby has been helping me with the business! I'd never leave our room lol

We love his creativity and crafty little mind! It causes a lot of stress sometimes when he insists on doing dangerous things but not much we can do in the end sometimes. We certainly hope to bring out his creativity as much as we can with letting him do mostly whatever he wants which 90% of the time involves wood, LEGO and tools. Can’t complain about that in the least!

Wood Lego and tools...It sounds like little E-dog is just like I was. It's a good combination. Keep it up, he'll reap a bountiful harvest from what you sow in him now.