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Hey mate, you don't need to be ex-military to have (need) survival skills and I think it's so important that you're opening little E up to how to work with his hands, how to create for himself. We've spoken about this before and you involve him in a lot of DIY stuff but to add in some survival skills, the appreciation for preparedness and the ability to take care of some of the most basic things...Well, it's just smart and will probably either lead him further down that path or identify that he hates it. Either way is fine. (Methinks he'll love it).

I have so many skills, survival, outdoors, navigation, hunting, trapping, shooting etc. but no little person to teach them too so most will die with me...But you have the ability to help that little dude shape himself into a confident adult with skills so well done.

Having the skills I have brings me a lot of confidence and self-reliance can only be a good thing right? Keep it up.

P.s. If you haven't checked out @paradoxtma you should do so. Some good shit bro.


Hahaha I love that you threw in there the real option of him hating it! That's definitely a possibility but I'm hoping not. He's enjoyed it a lot thus far so let's hope it continues!

We took a little walk tonight because the weather was a balmy 40 degrees Fahrenheit so any time it’s near 40 I try and take him out. He insisted we collect more sticks for the next time we make a fire. I told him since it rained we have to wait several days but we will definitely be there making a fire once it’s all dry!


I hear you man, everyone’s situation is different but I’m hoping you can pass on these things to your brothers kids that live there in Australia with you. It gives you someone to pass it on to thankfully, even if they aren’t thrilled about it in the beginning they might look back on it quite fondly later in life.

I don’t have much survival knowledge as far as edibles and that type of stuff but I think I have a pretty good sense of direction, terrain and those types of things. It’s been fun for me to spend time learning more of this stuff because I want the little man to be my partner in all these adventures. I want the wife with us as well of course but she might opt out of the all day hikes and stuff lol. She doesn’t eat any meat either so any hunting rewards will be split between us guys!

I get the feeling E will enjoy the outdoorsy stuff, at least until he discovers girls, and even then if the love for it is there it will stick with him. What he doesn't know is that the memories he is creating now, with you, will stick with him for life.

Faith's dad died when she was 11 (he was 33) and she still recalls those times he taught her to ski (water), or fish or put the boat on the trailer and stuff like that...They are an 11 year olds memories but cherished just the same. One never knows when a memory may be the last we can ever create.

You should look into land navigation, you know, topographic map and compass. It's enjoyable and brings a person a lot of confidence when in the wilderness. It doesn't have to be complicated and can be a teach yourself thing. Whether you do or not though, what you are doing is good for E.


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