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RE: I Made a Number Display to Help My Mathias Learn [EN] // Fabriqué una Pantalla de Números para Ayudar a Mi Mathias en su Aprendizaje [ES]

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Mathias is my greatest teacher after my parents, since he was born he has taught me to practice patience, which I admit I was not at all good at, even to eat he takes his time, he talks, goes around and around, at first I was angry, and then I understood that he is like that for many other things, and that as he grows up discipline will make him improve that aspect, but meanwhile you have to let him be a happy child. He has taught me to discover things about me that I didn't even know existed, for example this facet of making crafts, inventing masks with the protectors of the electronic equipment, cars with little boxes and things like that for him to play with, because like every child he prefers that kind of things than the toys I buy him.


My eldest daughter brought some lessons to me as well, now I think about it. We're a quiet family, but she never stopped making noise from the day after she was born. 😆

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.