The Lost Animals | Original Story and Illustrations By Little Miss

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The Lost Animals

Original Story By: Gabbie


Sam the Horse
Trio the Cow
Sunny the Pig
Mr. Farmer Tab


Mr. Tab's farm

Once upon a time there were a pig, a horse, and a cow on a farm. The pig’s name was Sunny, the horse’s name was Sam, and the cow’s name was Trio.
Trio the Cow was color white and black.


Sam the Horse was brown.


Sunny the Pig was very pink.


They lived on a farm with their owner, Mr. Farmer Tab. They were doing things for him.
Mr. Tab told Trio the Cow to get milk.
Mr. Tab told Sunny the Pig to get random things.
Mr. Tab told Sam the Horse to get hay.


Then when they got going, they got lost in a forest.
They were scared and then they were so sad because they could not find each other.
But they have to be brave. They got smart and made a map.
Sam the Horse was the smartest. They found their way back so when they found the way back they always use a map so that they won’t get lost again.


They were able to go back to Mr. Tab's farm because of the map.
So they lived happily ever after.

The End.

Hello everyone! This is Gabbie, Little Miss.

My mom asked me to make a story about any animals for my project. We studied about farm animals, wild animals, and pet animals in Science.

I really enjoyed making the story. Because I love to draw and paint, I also drew the animals in my story.

I hope you liked them.


First, I practiced my drawings on my whiteboard then I wrote my story using mommy's laptop.

She helped me edit my drawings and story for Hive.


See you all next time with more stories and drawings!



Phew glad they were able to get back with the map, the farmer looked very worried about them!

The map was really helpful. I made it myself but I got a little help from my mom.

Thank goodness, they made a map! It pays to be smart and brave when one gets lost. Way to go Sam the Horse!

Sam the horse is good. Is sunny the pig cute well I think sunny is cute!

That looks like a lot of work went into it! I like seeing how you did this Gabbie. My eldest is doing mind maps, planning and then finishing on the laptop, rather like this, for her highschool certificate. It looks like you're well prepared for that already.

Thank you. I did do hard work. Its hard to do it. I am grade1.I had fun. I got help on spelling I got help from my mom.


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That is a lovely story. My favorite character is Sam the horse. He is smart like you Little Miss.

Thank you.