Plants and Trees - My Art Project

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I am sharing with you my art project.

I made this art after we went on a field trip.

We went to the park to see the plants, trees, and flowers there.

There are small plants like grass and big plants like trees.


I collected different kinds of leaves and flowers during our field trip and also used them for my art.


Can you see? I also painted the leaf so that it will become greener. The leaf was already yellow. Does it look like a small tree?


I tried something new in my painting. I made shadows!

It was very sunny when we went on the field trip so I also painted the sun and the shadows the trees made.


The red dots on the shadows are decorations. I tapped my brush so that it will sprinkle the color.


Photos from our field trip.

I really enjoy going outside with my brothers and mom. My mom chose some pictures and asked me to say something about them.

Here I am checking the small flowers. There are honeybees that are flying around too.


I thought this plant was dead but when I checked it had a flower so it is not dead.


I collected different kinds of leaves with different shapes and sizes. See, I arranged them from smallest to biggest.


We also saw different kinds of big trees. Look at this one, it has a white trunk!


It's too sunny! I borrowed my little brother's sunglasses.


I hope you liked my art and the pictures that I shared today. I will be back with my next art soon!

Your Little Miss, Gabbie

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Thank you!

I love how you've integrated the plants into you painting. It's very clever.

Thank you! My mom got the idea. I also think it looks good.