Friends In The Forest : Puppet Show (The Making)

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Hello, Friends!

This is Gabbie again. Today, I am sharing with you one of my latest projects. I really love arts and crafts and I always tell my mom we should make one.

I thought it was nice to make a puppet show to play with my little brother. We designed a forest using an old shoebox.

After I made the forest, we thought of some animals to include in our puppet show. The Lion should be there! He is the King of the Jungle!

This is Leo the Lion. Soon, his friend, Zack the Zebra, joined him so he will not be sad.


Leo and Zack always play together during the day. They slept at night.

When they wake up, they play again. They also take care of the trees in the forest. It is their home so they protect it. They also climb the trees.


How To Make The Shoebox Forest Puppet Show

Here are the materials to make the puppet show:

  1. old shoebox
  2. coloring materials
  3. colored paper
  4. glue
  5. tape
  6. pair of scissors
  7. sticks


Let's start designing our background.

I painted the sky blue and the ground green. I add white paint to make the colors lighter.

And oh, I also added cotton as clouds!


While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I started to make the trees. I only made three trees.

First, I drew the tree trunk on a brown cardboard then the leaves on the green colored paper.


After drawing, I cut them and glued them together.

Then I taped the trees to the shoebox.


The animals were a bit difficult for me but mommy found these websites so we can copy how to make Leo the Lion and Zack the Zebra.

Leo the Lion:

Zack the Zebra:

Don't they look cute?

We used barbeque sticks so we can make them move inside the puppet show box. My mom helped me put the sticks because they are sharp and pointed.

My brother and I are planning to add some birds. When we add the birds, we will poke the sticks from the top of the box so the bird can fly up and down. That will be so cool!


That's it for today. I hope you like my project. I enjoyed making it and playing it with my little brother.

Your Little Miss, Gabbie

I'm on Instagram as @rheign.gabrielle. ❣️ Follow me on YouTube.


Awesome stage! Leo and Zack look like they have a lot of fun in the jungle XD Any plans for any more friends? The birds flying up and down will look pretty cool too, a lackey band or blutak around their stick might help keep the stick from slipping all the way through :)

Are you going to make some movies with them?

Thank you! Maybe we will make more friends because they always have a meeting. My brother and I made a video already but it is still short. Zack the zebra always knocks down the trees.

Doesn't have to be long to be good :)

We will try soon!


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What a beautiful idea and a wonderful way to activate the imagination and their ecological awareness. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

Thank you! We recycled daddy's shoe box. :)

This one is interesting and would be great for my toddler. I say your puppet show is great and your craftmanship is good too, keep it up.

Thank you! I am glad you think it is nice.

You're welcome.

Omg this is such an awsome activity for the kids my 4 years old daughter will love that we have a box around let's do this:D

Yes! We still love playing with it.

It looks so fun🙂