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Love you scribbled out his face. We don't have kids so it's much easier to see how comfortable kids are in front of the camera—they've had one in their face since birth.

Recipe for disaster. Wish I saw scribbled faces on kids more often.


I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to log on here! Life gets in the way sometimes, though this one isn’t so bad since our business has taken off a lot!

The scribbling out is more the husbands work but I don’t fuss about it, we each have our own things we spend time caring about. Thanks for checking it out! :)

Thanks man, my wife doesn't get to post much so she will come back when she can and respond!

We occasionally post pictures on Fakebook for family and stuff but for the most part we keep him off the internet. I completely agree that having kids faces hidden is important. We need to treasure their privacy and I don’t want to ruin that for them by sharing their picture and all kinds of other stuff all over the internet. There is one YouTube family that we watch that still doesn’t show their sons face and I love it. YouTube forced the parents to show their faces which sucks but let the kids be kids and have some type of anonymity. We have toyed around with the idea of creating a channel for the things we do with him but my truest principle I will hold is to not show his face until he is much older if ever. Still haven’t done any of it but it’s something we have been chewing on.


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