Taking Care of Pets

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Hi Edders family!

Today we got the opportunity to take the teaching in a different direction. Pets!

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Scrub a Dub

So one of the things we were putting off, at least I was, was getting a pet lol. We had a cat for a few years with our son and he got to know her and help me clean the litter box and stuff but not really much more than that because he was young and she didn’t really like him because he was too fast for her.

Fast forward about 2 months ago we were at a store and next door to it was a pet store. I had no idea he recognized the sign on the store until he told us he wanted to go in the pet store! We were confused but he watches some good shows on YouTube that have pet stuff on it so we weren’t too surprised. So ever since then he’s been really asking for a pet since we had to give our cat up for the better quality of her health and life in the summer. He was thinking we could get a hamster or something but that was a hard no from me. I’ve had pets all my life and I enjoy them but I want some time where I don’t have to care for another being besides my human family lol. Some call it mean, I just want time! Lol

So we settled on a fish after he was saying he really hoped that Santa would bring him a fish for Christmas. They get ya with that stuff! Hard to say no when they have that real joy in their eye saying it lol.

So we got the fish a few days ago, Tuesday I think it was. We got these little molly fish or something. They are cool and they fit okay in the tiny tank we have. It was time to clean the tank though, it was getting cloudy! I had been talking about it most of the day and he was really excited to help, he’s always the little helper which is great. Takes longer but that’s okay it’s fun for him even if I have to keep telling him to not do this or that. I couldn’t take a picture of the fish capture and transfer the poor things were terrified enough lol. It came time to clean the rocks!


Boy these things were dirty! I’m not thrilled about cleaning it every 4 or 5 days but it makes the little man happy and he gets to help me do it. We were trying not to lose any of the rocks down the sink since some of them were tiny but cleaning them wasn’t too easy!


Kitchen food strainer definitely comes in handy lol. We had to strain all of the rocks through this in hopes that it was good enough to get all of the food and poop of them. Unfortunately it wasn’t too good, once I started to put the water back in the tank you could see it was still really cloudy lol oh well. We will get better next time!


The fish are thankfully pretty cool looking. Trouble is, these fish don’t lay eggs they give live birth. And she’s pregnant.. great lol. More fish coming!



So the fish and pet are good lessons for him though. It teaches responsibility to him. He is the one responsible for feeding them every day, you only have to do it once but he’s more than happy and willing to do it so we are letting him do it all. He hopefully will keep up the streak of keeping them fed but he loves to watch them and he can see them every day where the cat he wouldn’t see because she would hide from him. He has also been learning more of the things that it takes to keep different animals and stuff alive. The fish tank with the filters, pumps and lights is a lot different than a cat that just wants food and water. You have to work harder to keep the fish alive and happy so he’s been doing good so far. If the fish does give birth it will be interesting to see how he will be excited for it. Apparently though the fish eat the babies so we have to be careful of that lol.

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Nice! I agree having pets teach children a lot of things like responsibility and caring among others. My daughter has been mentioning about wanting a dog, but I explained we can't have it here--too complicated, plus what if we go back to Philippines, how about that? She finally agreed that Philippines is a better place to take care of dogs. Haha. Not to mention losing a pet. That's heartbreaking. 😢

I used to have those kinds of fish. I bought a small aquarium for my office desk and yeah they tend to eat the baby fish so you've got to watch out. Or they can just easily get sucked in the filter. Lol. 😁


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Hahah yeah I was thinking it would also get sucked up into the filter! Gets rid of the problem I suppose, though in a brutal way lol. They are cool fish though, versatile and pretty low maintenance so that's great.

Yeah our son wanted a kitten for a long time but I've had pets for so long that it's tough to be in the scenario where they finally pass on its heart breaking. It was tough enough giving the cat up even though she was still healthy and spry, never mind watching a cat decline that I never liked. We are going to be in your situation though with two locations we live at. It’s in the same country however it’s challenging to move it all back and forth when we go between places so that’s an additional challenge.

How was your Christmas, do you celebrate it? Or a different holiday?

Lessons come in all different shapes and sizes. I am glad that you are taking everyday events and allowing your son to grow.

Every 4 to 5 days is a lot, but this sounds like a great way for your son to learn about responsibility. Keep up the good work. I know it requires your time and effort as well, but in the end, I think your son will both have his heart filled and grow more responsible.


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Thanks my friend! I agree. The challenges of doing the cleaning are tough but with this he can help us every step of the way. With the cat he couldn't do much because a litter box is gross to change never mind show a kid how to change it lol.

How was your Christmas, if you celebrate it?

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Oh for sure, no worries! Let me update my vote to the new proposal!

Happy new year!

You rock! Thank you for your unfailing support, much appreciated! 👍

It's certainly a good way to introduce pets and the amount of care they take. Hopefully it gives a good idea of how much work, and indeed money, bigger pets need.

Your pregnant guppy reminds me of @meesterboom's tale of their fish explosion! I hope you don't run into the same troubles.

Hahaha I hope not! We read that the molly fish eat their young if you don't take them out of the tank. Who knows what's happened while we were sleeping lol.

He’s been great at keeping the fish so far! He has fed them every single day since we got them and the first day fed them with me and since then he’s fed them without any help or anyone reminding him! It’s been nice lol. Cleaning the tank I think I will have a partner there to help me do it which is nice, the tank wasn’t easy to clean the gravel lol.


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