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RE: December Homeschool Miscellany

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Well this is a packed post here! Lots of great things going on I love it. The sketches are great, it sounds like he enjoys drawing things which is perfect. Arts need more attention I think!

The December rush, that ones tough. Thankfully it doesn’t always happen, or at least hopefully not lol


There's definitely a lot of pictures ^_^; every single time I sit down to write one of these I'm kind of stressing about whether or not we've got enough done XD

Younger children are easy as most of what they want to see is progress in literacy and numeracy and some basic development of scientific inquiry skills, and they allow that everything else such as art and hass tends to just happen), then they get to high school and suddenly they're kind of expected to do more written stuff x_x

My boys have short periods of time where they really enjoy art-related activities, it's "not their thing" most of the time. Beauty of homeschooling though right, they can spend as much or as little time as they like on things ;D

Yeh the December rush sucked, this is literally the first time ever they've done that to me so I can't see it happening again, and there was actually a misunderstanding there too in both my interpretation and my dad's delivery XD I'm the type that will do Christmas shopping starting in October specifically to avoid Christmas Crush x_x



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