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RE: Our Homeschooling Journey: The Never Ending "WHYs" and "HOW's"

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Thankfully I don’t know that I’ve been that bothered by our son and him asking why and lots of questions. I don’t think you got bothered but maybe the volume of questions you were getting is more then what we get. Our son is very inquisitive but he tends to ask a few questions and mull on the information for a while while he’s playing. He will randomly just bring things out about things he has learned from us. One of the things that I’ve enjoyed though is not knowing the answer necessarily but to tell him that I don’t know but let’s see what we can find out. He usually asks questions when we are outside about things I don’t know a heck of a lot about but I make sure to try and put something of an answer together for him lol.

It is remarkable what they pick up isn’t it? We visited some family the other day and they were more scared of the situation that’s happening than we are so they wear masks inside their own homes so our son naturally asked why we had to wear them inside the house, we only wear them at the stores. We satisfied his curiosity but he notices these subtle changes and perks right up with his questions. It is indeed a sign of a great little mind trying to make sense of their world and get things organized in their own way!