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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I had my first successful painting session with the little man


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So one of the activities that I haven't been good at doing with our son has been painting. I get a little too intense with it because I don't want the paint to make a mess on clothes or carpet. I've tried to get less intense about it but it's hard sometimes lol. My wife has been the one to do the painting with him. Until recently! I felt bad and knew that I needed to really put in the effort and help paint with him so we can spend more quality time together.

It might have been a better idea not to do it immediately after waking up but that's okay, it ended up working out well! He did a really good job of keeping things pretty clean and there was no paint on the carpet and minimal paint on his hands. All around good experience for me lol


We had these pretty cool trucks to paint from the big hardware store Home Depot. They do an awesome job of doing free kid construction kits each month depending on the location. The ones near us have been really good about it. We have a Lowe's as well but they don't do the kits unfortunately. Missing some serious benefit, if you ask me but oh well.


He was doing good at being consistent with his painting. Mine is on the left of course but his on the right had solid colors for each part. He was painting the sides green, the front blue and a mish-mash below.


He was also doing really good at painting in straight lines so that was awesome! He's getting really good at his hand eye coordination with this type of stuff. Loving it!


He was very proud of his coloring abilities here. He knew I was taking pictures throughout but specifically asked me to take a picture of him holding it up! He did good keeping the colors pretty consistent on the brush for a while but it ended up getting mixed. Was fine though, I was showing him a little bit of what happens in the water when you mix in different colors. That was one of the things he enjoyed the most, trying to see what adding a bright color like yellow or something, would do to the dirty water lol.


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What happened to his knee :O

Ahh you're somewhat like my partner, who saw the benefit of doing certain things (like the many art projects that ended up scattered around the house, and letting tiny tiny children "help" with chores) but couldn't tolerate actually doing them because "it's messy" and "I just want to get it done!" XD

my kids are a lot older than yours so we have entirely different problems now XD

Sounds like you had fun painting with him, will be you be doing it more often? :D

Does your kitchen or bathroom not have tiles or are they too small for this kind of thing? I love the artsy paint splash job on his truck.


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Ugh sorry! I seemed to have completely forgotten to respond. Not sure if this posting every day is a thing I can keep up lol I did read it before but forgot to comment back!

Ah the knee episode. It was a rough week lol bunch of things happened but he tripped and took a chunk out of his knee on a piece of wood that was exposed that shouldn't be. Thankfully it's healed up almost now but it was pretty bloody and being on the knee, high motion areas are challenging!

Yeah it certainly seems I have some kinship with your partner lol. I've gotten better over time thankfully but some things I lose patience with fast. Some of the worst ones seemed to have passed thank god but others happen every so often.

Our kitchen and other parts of the house are a bit messy but we will be moving hopefully in a year so we will be making those types of things for sure. Our kitchen doesn't have any tile backsplash at all and we were debating whether to do anything to it or sell it as is. When we move to our new place we would definitely do this type of stuff but not sure a prospective buyer will enjoy the art tile murals lol.

I think him and I will definitely be painting more often! He has grown as have I and we have a better understanding of each other in these scenarios lol. More painting to come for sure!

Don't worry, I have done that so many times it's not even funny XD

Also I'm oldschool used to post on forums back in the day and I still remember taking days to have a basic conversation so no real drama ;D

Oh my that sounds horrible, poor little tacker x_x hope the piece of wood has since been removed/covered/something and glad to hear he's better now! Joints are the worst to be getting any kind of injury on never mind skin off ow!

Yay for more paintings! I just figured tiles are a lot easier to clean than carpet so if you painted in the bathroom or kitchen it would make your cleanup a lot easier and also there's less stress about spillage XD

Good luck with the moving plans :D

Ah now I see what you mean! The only tile we have is in the front door area that's kind of dirty lol. Our kitchen and bathroom have this cool laminate floor. And this beer on it but mainly the floor lol.


I imagine the laminate would still be easier to clean than carpet, though you may need to be more careful about the choice of paint?

Is the beer a permanent fixture? XD

Hahah it could be easier but I installed the laminate myself so I'm very particular about what goes on on it! No need to do all that work again lol. Carpets got stains galore, life with a toddler hahaha but thankfully so far no paint stains. Trying not to jinx myself!

Oh look at that! Getting colors mixed up and discovering what color you get is fun.

Doing a painting activity on a carpeted floor would freak me out too. 😁

Hahah thanks I'm not the only one who isn't thrilled about painting near carpet!

It was fun to do, I'm saving some activity for different days but combining colors on a board to see what happens for him is going to be fun! Thanks for stopping by! 😊


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Oh no. Painting and carpet. Lol.

Looks like you both had so much fun. Painting is a great training activity for writing and of course arts. My kid loves the changes in the water when she's painting too.


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Yeah painting and carpet are two things that don't mix! It's all good though, we have lots of boxes now that we can use. He plays with many of the boxes that things come in when they get delivered so repurposing them as a painting barrier will be in the cards for the next projects.

I think in a couple weeks I will help him play around with mixing colors and stuff. I'm trying to incorporate some learning things every day even though he's still a little too young for school work, we are getting a head start!

I love that he painted the wheels. No restrictions on convention have reached them at that age, so they're way better at creative thinking. So much better to learn the results of mixing colours by doing it, too.

Yeah it was funny when he started painting the wheels. I wasn't going to say anything though, he needs to be able to have no restrictions on things like that which aren't damaging to anything!

He was thrilled by the combination of the colors, more in the water right now but I know he will enjoy it once we start to work on combining them on a plate or something!


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