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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I’m here with my first post in the home edders community! I have used the tag in the past for some of my posts but I’ve never made a post in the community itself so I wanted to rectify that! Today is about food art and how we can use it for the little ones to help them learn in a few ways.


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Edible Art

The fun part about the food art for me is that I never really did it and thought it wasn’t something I would like. Little did I know that after my wife, @ssiena, introduced me to it and had me do some for our son that I would actually end up enjoying doing it and coming up with different things for him to look at and eat. It’s funny too because since we started doing it, he’s eaten more food in the categories we want him to then before. Win there!

I try to come up with something different each time. Sometimes it comes out pretty well other times it’s terrible lol. Below I tried to make a fish but it was fun watching him guess what it was supposed to be. He had come up with some pretty good things that it did look like. A bird, a turtle, and I think another was a dog. It’s supposed to be looking at the profile of a fish. It looked like it to me but I was the one doing it lol so not shocking.


Next one is obvious but the funny part about it is that he barely touched it. He asked for cucumbers instead so that was great. He’s got a good appetite for veggies and the healthier stuff which we love.


This ones a tree and he was good at guessing he guessed a tree on the second try. He wasn’t crazy about the frozen strawberries but he did swap them out for blueberries.


This was a picture frame apple tree or some kind of fruit tree. He didn’t get this one since he was confused by the tomatoes as apples so I guess it should have just been a tomato plant lol.


A classic little face! I had him point out each of the pieces of the body as he was eating them and he’s good at doing things like that so he got them all right.


This is a fun exercise as a way to teach the kids different ways to look at things in the world. A house doesn’t always need to look like a house that’s in a book, you can make it look like that with things like food. I think it’s a pretty fun and nifty way to help them think abstract a bit. He’s been a good eater but for several weeks trying to get him to eat things for dinner was a challenge. He would say he was hungry but when I gave him one thing he might eat it or might not. Having the plate of different things to choose from, he’s been able to do what I think he wants but couldn’t really tell us easily in words: he wanted variety with his meal instead of just one thing. He’s good at asking for blueberries and an apple but you know when you think of a food and don’t really want to eat it but could if needed? I think that’s what he’s going through and wasn’t sure how to communicate it. Just these past few weeks I’ve learned a lot myself in how to try and better communicate between us to get less arguments when he isn’t sure how to communicate what he is feeling or thinking. It’s made me a lot happier since I don’t like arguing with him at all, but do it when needed.

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If there's one type of art I love it's edible art...I mean what's not to love right? Sometimes I create it myself, although Faith get's annoyed when we're at the pub having a meal and I make smiley faces with my dinner. Lol.

Nice little post mate.

( Don't really make faces with my dinner...Well, only sometimes.)

Gotta bring out the inner child whenever we can dude! Don't let them pressure you into not doing it lol my wife sometimes makes fun of my art but that's okay, haters!

I haven't done anything while out for a meal but I think I may end up doing that if we go out again lol. We only really went out maybe 3 or 4 times a year with our son, so I think this might be a good thing to have in our back pocket when he might not want to eat his food.

Appreciate you stopping by!

Food artists will be much-revered one day...We're the Michelangelo's of our time. :)

Neat. I will wait for me lil one to grow until i create this. It seems to be a great way to make them eat veggies. The first picture is definitely a turtle. That's not fish.🤣

Yeah it's a great way for them to eat more things! He loves the foods we put on the plate and asks for varieties but by doing this he gets to pick what he wants to eat at the moment and then go on and eat the others.

Yeah yeah, turtle, fish whatever! lol I still see a fish!

My kid is still not big enough to have choices. I clearly see a problem with their choices and demands when they grow older. Need to think of tips and tricks 😀

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This reminded me of those videos demonstrating fancy fruit cutting. Your next challenge perhaps? 😉

Hahah we tried fruit carving with a watermelon years ago and it was a miserable fail! Maybe one day when we get better at some of the other things we are doing, we'd give this a whirl!

Just by the pumpkin carving we did last night though, not so sure it's going to go well lol

These looks cute I should let my kids to try this also so that they wont bored much staying at hime

Thanks, yeah it has really helped keep our son engaged in his food each night. We only do it for him at night so he doesn't get sick of it or demand it for every meal lol. It's a fun way though to get them to eat a diverse group of foods. He's got a good appetite for sure so sometimes we have to really fill the plate up!