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RE: Sexualidad Infantil Un Tabú Para Los Padres.||Child Sexuality A Taboo For Parents.

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Great article. My nearly 4 year olds have been wondering this same topic. I managed to find some excellent age appropriate books to help answer their curiosities. We talk about all private bodies parts as easily as an elbow or toe which my parents generation seems to find quite uncomfortable. Ha! You're so right though, quite often they don't after for specifics, just general information. Lately, my son has been putting toys down his shirt and telling me he is pregnant with a baby. Kids are so precious in their curiosity. -Aimee


Te felicito por ser un padre en búsqueda de respuestas, los niños solo necesitan progenitores más empáticos que sean capaces de brindarles recursos para conocer cómo funciona su mundo. Brindo por más personas como tú! La sexualidad es un hecho natural no debe ser algo punitivo para nuestros hijos. Gracias por leer .