Art Time! Encouraging The Little Miss Artist

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Little Miss Artist

Among my three children, my girl is the one most interested in arts and crafts. During her free time, if she is not playing, then you would see her scribbling or cutting to make little crafts. She is the one who is always excited about art time.

"Can we do arts today? Can we do arts today?"

I dare not let her slip from this interest so I try my best to encourage her all the time. We make arts together always, even if I have to drop what I am doing at the moment.

We also try to find lots of resources online that would inspire us on what projects to do next.

Last time, I tried to contact someone from an advertisement that I saw - painting for beginners. They are offering 4 sessions, but upon checking it is too expensive at AED 250 ($68) per session. Also, they are only open for 10 years and older so Little Miss cannot join there yet.

Acrylic Painting


I thought we should try out rock painting for our projects so I bought a set of acrylic paint. It consists of small jars of the basic colors only so it is up to us to mix the colors.

Only when I came back home did I realize that we do not have small tipped brushes that will work well with the stones. I remember I saw some acrylic paint pens at the stationery shop so I decided to get some, but instead of going back to the stationery shop, we went to the mall.

Shame there was no available acrylic paint pens there and we ended up buying normal color pens, an acrylic pad, and another sketchpad.

First Masterpiece of the Day: Tulips


Little Miss immediately got to work as soon as we reached home. She excitedly showed her new art materials to her brothers then sat on her table to start her new masterpiece.

I noticed that she used the colors available as they were and encouraged her to start blending the paints so she can produce more colors that she likes.

Second Masterpiece of the Day: Pink Roses

So she added a drop of red paint to white and she got this lovely pink color.


Instead of just a plain white background, she also tried adding color to her background and she's happy with her results.

Now the following day as I type this post, she is on to another painting project. There's really no stopping this girl.


Ohh she's so sweet!
This summer, with Caleb getting older, I can't wait for us to paint some stones too!
Actually, we (mostly I) did some last year, but I wanna try something else now! More complex, I would say!

P.S. You mentioned "small tipped brushes that will work well with the stones". do you have a photo of them? I'm not sure I have these at home. I have a lot of brushes, maybe I do have them, maybe I don't. I'm not sure how they look like.
Thanks! If it's not possbile, dont stress about it. I will do some research when I'll have time!

Oh with small tipped brushes, I meant all our brushes have basically opened like this: 🥴


So what we did, we used some old felt tip pens and just dipped it to the paint. Served its purpose. Haha


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She did some delightful paintings :)

Ahh I remember when middle child (my artist) used to do the strip of blue for the sky XD