Joculation Episode 98 – The Buttplug Black Market of Pakistan, The Walmart Potato Chip Aisle Ten Pound Beef Log Battle Royale, and Company Mandated Masturbation Breaks at Work for Productivity

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In this episode of Joculation, LP shares his unique brand of comedy and satire on the emerging trend of black market buttplug manufacturing in Sialkot, Pakistan, relieving pandemic aggression at the Walmart potato chip aisle with a ten-pound log of ground beef after the restraining order expires, and rubbing one out at work in the name of productivity.

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@blockanarchist1 for me here. love your show! greetings from India.

Hi @shakedandbakedI'm always happy to hear from people who enjoy the show. Thanks for listening - it's much appreciated. I do have a funny story I was talking to @blockanarchist1 about. I was running some advertisements on Instagram in India recently, and someone in India reported me to Facebook for "violating community standards" around profanity for using the phrase erection cream 😂. I'm thinking to myself - I would swear they have penis festivals in some parts of India, so @blockanarchist1 was kind enough to remind me that Shiva is depicted as a penis. Touché.

Thanks for listening. I have more on the way.

I'm sure this comment is going to bite my ass someday! 🤣 🤣

The episode title is enough to crack people up 🤣 this is what my team says!

Great Episode Title hook is what I'm hearing 😂. I mean whose attention isn't mugged when a title has Buttplugs and Beef Logs in it?

Wow muy bueno, es excelente, te dejo mi voto y te sigo, saludos.

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