Famous Rapper @souljaboy ( 5.2M Followers ) 2 hours ago - Just got into crypto , let’s let him know the greatness that is HIVE!

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Let’s make Souljaboy know about Hive! He recently got into crypto and is curious what’s out there. In the tweet he shares an article from Utoday where it states he wants to buy XRP! Let’s make him want some HIVE too!

My Tweet reply


Well that's an artist with a clear view for the future.
Let's get the word out 👍

For real! If you on twitter and stumble across an opportunity to market HIVE, keep this in mind. https://peakd.com/hive-197333/@theycallmedan/welcome-a-24-7-marketing-community-hiveposh

You could actually reply to the tweet and show evidence in the comments here for votes as well. Interesting use of the marketing capabilities of HIVE.

Oh that's awesome.
I should look into getting onto Twitter. I'm only on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I should really do my research on how you could make social media work for you 👍

Right on that is a perfect chance to market our platform

Ganja man, you on twitter right?

Keep this in mind if you come across some opportunities. though I think you know the drill.

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