Stormi's journey from a pup to a grown up

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In my last pet post I introduced the whole pet family and Stormi is the youngest of all of our doggos. She is turning 1 year old in a week, so I wanted to share the story of how we got her and all the troubles and fun moments we've had so far. Prepare for a pretty heavy on images post overflowing with cuteness! Sorry for the low quality photos in advance but they've all been taken with phone cameras.

Stormi is a Merle Blue Pomeranian and is about 3 months old in this photo

How we got Stormi

The story is quite funny actually. Every Sunday we go to have lunch with Nat's mom - usually somewhere in one of the malls near our living area. That was one of the first weeks I decided to skip and do something on my PC instead. (Played a game or something I had planned for a long time. I don't quite remember). It was just the start of the Covid pandemic so people were quite scared to go out even though we didn't have harsh lockdowns or anything of the sort. In the mall there was a Pet Exhibition with many pet accessories and pets for sale. So naturally Nat keeps sending me photos of the things around - Dogs, massive Owls, Exotic Birds and at the end I get this picture with a question:

'Can we get her?'

Then I get an explanation of how her eyes are different and she's so cute and unique and so on. We already had 1 dog in the house - Whiskey and I was the one mostly looking after her so I thought.. man this is gonna be so much more trouble. So I told her that I'm not in love with the idea, but if she wants it, she has to really take responsibility for the little one because it's not gonna be easy.
Since the mall was empty and the vendors were doing pretty bad - literally 0 sales for the day - they gave us a big discount and that was the start of our adventures with Stormi. Moral of the story is - Don't let your girlfriend wander off alone for lunch because she may come back with another dog. Don't get me wrong I love this dog and I'm very glad we did get her. :)

This is the first photo of her from the car ride on the way back home

Early days of Stormi


Stormi was 2 months old when we got her and was super tiny. She looked more like a tiny bear when she was a pup. She slept a lot and was getting tired quite quickly. We were taking her with us to the office every day because Whiskey didn't really like her much at first and used to growl at her and even jump on her if the little one gets too close. All in all it isn't good to leave her without any supervision so she took a permanent spot in my office room, playing with my shoelaces and falling asleep in my feet when she gets tired.

Sometimes getting tired inbetween playing with my shoelaces

Often we would get questions like - "What creature is this?". A lot of people kept mistaking her for a cat as well which I never understood.

She also enjoyed belly scratches a lot.

First Troubles

Stormi was the cutest thing but soon after I noticed a spot on her back and her fur at that spot started falling off. Her ears were quite dirty as well and she kept scratching them. We took her to the doctors and it turned out she had Mites - infact she was quite heavily infected with them. And that's the first time she was introduced to The Cone.

Let's just say she didn't like it at all and was trying to destroy it with every little opportunity she had.

We also had to separate her from Whiskey because the Mites could infect her as well

The blanket became her sleeping place early on and it was her own doing. As we were minding our own business one day the blanket was hanging slightly from the couch. She must've gotten cold because she pulled it down herself and wrapped herself in it before she fell asleep. From then on, it became her favorite spot.

Free of the Cone


The hair around her face has fallen quite a bit from the mites, because she spread it all around while scratching. On top of that she started shedding - going through the 'uglies' phase as people call it for pomeranians. This is when their pup coat falls off and they slowly start growing their main one. This usually takes up to a year. With her face a bit more narrow like that and her trying to walk on two feet most of the time - she reminded us a lot of a Raccoon.

She also found new weird poses to sleep in.

Maybe a month or two after we removed the Cone we decided to go to an Island with the dogs - Worst idea ever! Might be a story for another post though.

The Cone is back on

So we took the doggies with us on their first trip outside Bangkok. Both of them saw the sea for the first time. We prepared with everything and even bought them life vests. Since Stormi is quite small, we had to resize hers even more, in order to be tight enough, so she don't lose it. As we were on our way to the sea though, the little one managed to somehow take out the life vest and jump out of my hands. It wasn't that high and luckily she fell on grass, but it still wasn't enough to soften the impact. She started walking on three legs and the vet on the island said she's no expert on bones and even if we do an x-ray she wouldn't know if she broke something. (To be honest after a bit more thought I just think she was lazy and didn't want to bother at all. Shame on that person!) First thing we did when we entered Bangkok was to go to a pet clinic and check her. Turned out that she did in fact broke her leg. It wasn't a big fracture - The bone was only partially broken but still it needed treatment.

So this time instead of just a Cone she had to deal with a cast as well. The cone was mainly to prevent her from biting the cast.

She adapted quickly to the situation. Maybe too quickly because she wouldn't stop walking around and running as much as we tried to restrict her. She was super naughty and managed to remove the cast completely multiple times. The doctors had to tape it to her skin at the end even though it was irritating her and making wounds.

Soon she found new poses to sleep in

We had to put even a bigger Cone since she could reach the tip of her feet and bite the cast with the smaller one

The cast was supposed to stay on only for 2 weeks but the leg just wasn't healing. We ended up with it for over 2 and a half months until the leg was fully healed. By the time we removed it she had grown so much.

Finally Cone and Cast Free!

We couldn't shower her because of the cast for over 2 months and it was like we got a new dog once we removed the cone, cast and gave her a shower. Her hair was almost fully grown and she got a lot bigger in size overall

She sometimes joined me for a nap too

And this is a more recent photo of her from a couple of weeks ago

We even made an instagram page for her and in no time she managed to get more followers than both me and my girlfriend combined.. You can check her profile with more photos and videos at @stormi_thepomeranian .

This is our story so far. So many things happened in the past year around Whiskey and Stormy that it feels like a lot longer. Having dogs can be pretty stressfull at times and very time consuming but it is also very rewarding. It's great to know you have them waiting for you at home. No matter how long or exhausting my day is, the moment I step home and get attacked by the little monkeys I immediatelly light up. Think next pet post will be about Whiskey. We've been through a lot with her and I'll share it all eventually so keep tuned!


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