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Did you know that there are small animals around you that can talk like humans? Yes. Parrots have the ability to learn and understand human language. They have beautiful, colorful feathers. Parrots have beautiful red, curved beaks. There are other beak colors depending on the species. The body color is green. Yellow . They are sky blue and some of them are quite colorful.
This bird has a big head and a big head. They have slender, long tails and short legs. Parrot species are found in large numbers in continents except in Europe and in Myanmar. Why not in Europe ????

I'm not sure either. But I agree that these birds are very beautiful and cute. Unlike other birds, they have the ability to imitate human speech. This is what I really like about these birds. But not all parrot-loving people can talk like humans.

In Myanmar, where I live, there are eight species of parrots. If you are interested, visit the link below.



If you are interested in raising parrots in your home, you need to study their diet in advance. If you are interested, below is a list of foods for them.

How to feed parrots?

Most parrots feed on animals such as rice, barley, and oats. Wheat They eat corn and green leafy vegetables.Fresh fruits and vegetables are their food.If you are feeding a home-breeding parrot in a healthy way, you need to feed it carefully.

Here are some of the foods that animal experts recommend:

1. You can feed fresh fruits

(carrots, cucumbers, watermelons, peas, green beans, lettuce, cereals, wheat, corn).

2. Other Supplement

(cheese, cheese, skim milk, mineral-rich foods, vitamin D) should be given in moderation.

More information for Parrot's feed,

At this point, I think you are probably thinking of buying a parrot. If you do not already have a parrot in your home, buy and raise two. You are sure to find happiness in your life.

Do not be born alone. Raise two or more as you have money. Do not let their minds and loneliness be left alone. Their happiness is your happiness.


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