Meet EDDIE , our guest and sleepover rabbit

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Meet Eddy! Our sleepover rabbit


He is the fluffiest rabbit I have ever seen. And he is from my sister from another mister. They moved in today. The boys are extatic. They love Eddy, he is named after
Pearl Jams lead singer Eddie Vedder. And living a kings life.



He is a small Teddy dwarf. Grey long hair.
And so cute to photograph and so great to blog about.


This sweet rabbit breed has long hair, but not as long as that of the angora rabbit.
Long enough to get tangled hair. A Teddy Dwarf's ears should be erect and between 5 and 7 cm long. The hair should be about 4 to 6 cm long. The shape of the Teddy dwarf's body should be short, stocky and cylindrical.

Check , Eddie has all the above. Does note sometimes when he thinks your finger is a carrot.

This rabbit breed should have the same width from front to back (from chest to back) in body build. The pelvis should be nicely round. The legs are short, small and finely constructed.



The differences between a ram (male) and nurse (female) are small. The nurse's head has a narrow forehead, the ram's forehead is wide. The weight is between 900 and 1600 grams. Rams are usually a bit smaller and lighter.

Apart from brushing sessions, the Teddy dwarf does not require any special treatments. Although his mum, my sister from another mister , who is coming over to stay to take care of me when I get out of the hospital.


The Teddy Dwarf's coat care is important because the rabbit's own grooming, through licking, is insufficient for this breed. If the tangles and dirt are not removed from the coat, the (under) coat can become felted, which is very painful for the animal. The rabbit will scratch, and can damage or even break the thin skin.
So he is groomed at night.


The boys set up a playpen and made sure he had enough space to walk, play and sleep. Little D offered up his room and made sure he was there making all things near.
She brought play stuff and food and a rabbit toilet.



The fact that she moved in nd brought rabbit gear and stuff, made Charlie and Joey nervous, we allowed them to smell him because he will be downstairs too. They were excited but also very gentle.


Ofcourse I know that I need to be carefull because gorgon setters are hunters and rabbits fun and they think that’s fun. Hunting is in the blood. For now they are ok with the new tennet.


Relaxing and washing eachother ears.
This information was made with help from #Wikipedia and knowledge of rabbit mum.


I will be offline for a bit have to go to the hospital. Stay safe and take care of animals.
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Blog Date : 26 february 2021


Really Cool!
Thanks for all the info on them, I once wanted a house rabbit - but currently I do have cats, that probably cannot be trusted...
Good luck at the hospital,
And have an Awesome Weekend!

Hi @lessman the infor was available hahahahah and he is just so much fun, but just a visitor althought the boys would love a rabbit of their own., hahahahh

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 46 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Oh my god, what a cuttie! ☺
I know nothing about rabbits, that was an interesting read. Hope the dogs will keep on being tolerant. ☺

The dogs want to play with Eddie so bad but thats not allowed!!! Hahahhah they would kill him just by having fun.

So cute and beautiful
I can feel the delicacy. Thank you for the stuff about them I never knew some facts which I learned today

Isn't that great that hive is also a platform we all learn from.

Maybe you should enter the #learnandearn contest by @jizzyjoe is fun and you can use this

Thanks for the mention, @mahnoor1 I hope you consider sending an entry

A beautiful grey ball of fluff! My daughter in law has 2 rabbits, but not this breed.

I hope all goes well with you; I will be praying for your recovery. Take care.💜

Thank you dear , i am recovering slowly and home, and i must say that the little fluff all is so nice to have around and the dogs love watching but they think its a toy so we have to be careful.
I want to wish you a great tuesday

I'm glad to hear that you are doing good. Recoveries can take some time, and if you're like me, you will want to do more than you should before you are ready! Take care and enjoy the fluffy one!💜

 2 months ago 

It's a rabbit slumber party! 😁 What a cute little thing he is!
You're in our thoughts and hope the recovery is fast & painless! 💗

Day 4 is here and i am slowly awakening hahahah so i enjoy the little fluffball and the fact the dogs think we have a new toy in the house hahahha

MY kids had a group of Standard Guinea pigs for years, they loved going into boxes, tunnels, under blankets and left often to forage on the grass in an enclosed pen. Wonderful pets named, Skunk, Pepper and Morty.

So sad when they eventually passed away one by one.
Thanks for sharing @brittandjosie 🐹

Guinea pigs are so much fun we have a farm nearby that shelters them and when the boys were little that was a place we often visited, so this is so much fun to see running around the house , he is a fluffball. And the dogs react ok, they want to play though

Have a great day dear

One advice, do not give him water as they multiply, and don't feed him after midnight! I am sure he is a nice chap, from one Eddie to another 😁


Ohhhh childhood memories hahahahahahah, but he is grey !b maybe he is the exception..... or should i just try and see what happens a hahhaha, my boys would love it

Thank you @brittandjosie for shearing, I just love Eddie already, he made me laugh in a beautiful way. I hope your stay in hospital is a short one and wish you wellness.

I had to admitt i am not a rabbit mum, more a dog ( big dogs ) mum but he is so cute, and he eats so funny. I left the hospital and am at home again and will be recovering here in covid seclusion hahahahah, thats fine and with the help i will be new asap

I want to wish you a great day an thank you for the comment

I hope you get better soon @brittandjosie , and have a great day too.

I've never seen a rabbit this furry. My dad bought them but to cook them, I hid them, I fell in love with them, but I could never save them. I didn't eat the paella food where they were prepared. This is a beauty. @brittandjosie

Nunca habia visto un conejo así de peludo. Mi papá los compraba pero para cocinarlos, yo los escondia, me enamoraba de ellos, pero nunca pude salvarlos. No me comia la comida paella donde los preparaban. Este es una belleza.

He is so cute and so sweet

I wish you the best of luck with your procedure and a speedy recovery. "Sister from another Mister.." haha.. love it! Well, she better treat you good after you get home. I am sure she will. That rabbit is the cutest! Reminds me of a gray Molly. Looks like the boys are loving it there with you. Talk soon!! Good luck!!

Thank you friend I am home and being pampered by the fam! And yes Eddie is a hit the kids are taking turns to take care of him.
And I get all I need from the sister from another mister hahahahaha that’s so great to have ! Hope all of you are doing great ! Have a good weekend blog soon

I hope all goes well, @brittandjosie.
You're in my prayers.
Here's to a speedy recovery!

I am on my way back, and you know what it is hahahahah, slowly and just do it


Hi @brittandjosie, thanks for sharing this story.
I haven't seen a rabbit like this one, he is very loving and friendly.
And he is looked after as you say like a king, with all the comforts and attention, it' s very lucky.
Happy living, greetings

Isn't he a gem, and the fact such a little fur all is here in the house is so much fun.

My first time of seeing a rabbit with so much hair, looks really cute.
Wish you quick recovery, !wine