Everyday life of our animals: Turtles

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As you may remember, we have three turtles: one large and two smaller. All three were once in search of a new home. And this, I tell you, is a good option. A bad option is when people, having played enough with them, release them into a pond or lake. In our climate, these thermophilic creatures do not survive. Of course, we have swamp turtles that are adapted to our climate, but not these ones.


Our turtles spend the winter in a very large aquarium that was bought especially for them. My friends made a special "island" where they can relax and bask under the lamp.


In the spring, when the weather becomes consistently warm, it is time to move them to a small artificial garden lake.


I made a mistake last year. I had 17 decorative crucians. I settled them with the turtles. The fish seemed to me big enough for the turtles to dine on. But I was wrong! I realized my mistake only in the fall, when, moving all the inhabitants of the artificial lake to the aquarium, I discovered that there are only seven crucians ...








We have lots of turtles in the lakes I fish in. When I fish for catfish many times it's a turtle grabbing my bait and going for a swim. More often than not I don't actually hook them, but I do occasionally reel one in. Last year I caught a snapping turtle whose shell was about 2 feet in diameter. It was a monster. Luckily it opened its mouth and the hook came flying out. They are fascinating creatures.

thank you for sharing, great photo of turtles, they are very beautiful, have a nice day

cute turtles, specially the little ones