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I must admit right away that today I am in a terrible mood ... Tonight my friend lost two of her dogs. They were poisoned by neighbors. Because of the lockdown, only one veterinary clinic worked and either the doctors were not qualified enough or the dose of the poison was too large ... It's terrible. I hoped until the end that everything would be okay. I myself have encountered such poisoning more than ten times and twice I have lost my dogs. This is an experience that I would not wish on anyone.

The first thing I did this morning was to call the CCTV installer. In our country, the police will not help when it comes to killing animals. But I want those who try to do this to know that I will make them known throughout the country! 😈


The rest of the day is going well. Although I am in a depressed mood, I continue to do my daily activities. Today I again cleaned the enclosures at Karl and Clara. And it looks like their love affair continues. Of course, the likelihood that little ravens will appear is negligible, but it is very touching to watch how they take care of each other, clean each other's feathers. These two birds cannot be returned to the wild. Karl is half blind and Clara cannot fly.


I also wanted to photograph our storks for you. But, as always, only Beak agreed to be a model. By the way, take a look at his right wing on the photo below. You can see that it does not fit the torso. This is precisely the problem, that with two wings he cannot fly. These are the consequences of an old trauma when his parents threw him out of the nest. This often happens if the summers are too hot and dry and there is not enough food. Parent storks can sacrifice one or two chicks to feed the rest.


Fortunately for storks, as well as for crows, the inability to fly is not as tragic as it is for hawks. Storks are used to living next to humans. The chicks quickly get used to you and consider you their mother.


Beak, which has lived with us almost from the very birth, in many ways behaves like a dog. He follows me, asks what I am doing, demands attention.






The seagulls didn't mind the photo session either. There are three of them: Asya, Dasha and Aksakal. All three had a wing injury and are unable to fly. Aksakal, moreover, is already old. Like storks and crows, seagulls are also human-oriented. They easily adapt to new conditions.



However, the rest of the storks were not delighted with my appearance with the camera. They would rather see a bucket of fish in my hand! Therefore, they defiantly left behind the enclosure.



I also managed to take some pictures of Star with Athos, Porthos, Toffa and Hercule. They walked together today. Usually I can't do it at all, because none of them can and does not want to pose. They only want to run and play pranks.



In conclusion, I want to say that the wounded crow, titmouse and rat, who arrived on Saturday, are doing well.

All the photos of our animals and birds that you see here, I took today.





So sorry about your friend´s loss :( Acts like this make me very sad and angry. I hope karma will get those heartless killers soon...

Thank you, my dear friend. I believe in karma. But I don't think they will understand.

I hate people, why would someone do that to 2 gorgeous dogs. Gets me angry, wish someones would do the same to them.

It was terrible. She's completely crushed, and I honestly do too

I can imagine, it would kill me if someone did that to my dogs.

You need to save all the dogs poops up in a bag then go dump them at there door step, I would kill for my babies :(

Me too

@animal-shelter, very nice post! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Really sad story about the dogs.
It was really very interesting to read the story about Beak. I didn't know that storks abandon their kids ...

You all have a wonderful week ahead!

Yes, the birds world can be very cruel, but, unlike some people, only for the sake of survival, and not for the sake of perverse pleasure

I'm sorry for your neighbor's loss. May the doggies find heaven soon! I love your bird posts 😍

Thank you!