Everyday life of our animals

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Good morning, my dear friends!
We have a replenishment. Such a wild duck arrived yesterday. It is unknown what happened to her, but we think she was hit by a motor boat propeller. Yes, you don’t think the beak is missing :(


We are also expecting a songbird egg. Yesterday people called and said that the birds had left the nest. Of course, I will put them in an incubator, but I cannot guarantee success.

In the meantime, my dogs are enjoying a long weekend due to the holidays. You might think that on other days they get very tired! Sometimes I want to switch places with them!

But ... often even my own place is taken by "very good boys"

Do you remember the chicken I found in the stork food? Today he has already moved to a small outdoor enclosure and looks like this.

And one more cute video with baby-dove





This dogs look very happy there :) ... I'm sure they rest lot time like this there :))
My dog is here every day like this :)))

Wow 🤗 what an amazing dogs 😍

I like the little chicken, take care of it please :)

If the birds are as pretty as the eggs they will be beauty- kings and queens :)))